Com Truise Plays Magnificent Show At Town Ballroom In Buffalo

Com Truise Plays Magnificent Show At Town Ballroom In Buffalo

One of the first chillwave artists to come to Buffalo, Com Truise, headlined an amazing show at the local venue of the Town Ballroom. In company was the amazing DJ known as Nosaj Thing, whose light show blew away the audience, and whose music was absolutely top notch.

The show was originally scheduled at The Waiting Room in Buffalo, but that venue closed unexpectedly. The venue of Town Ballroom has been no stranger to EDM acts as of late and will host Borgore this upcoming December.

Nosaj Thing took the stage with a quiet awe. He appeared suddenly, behind a cloud of smoke from the nearby fog machine. The laser show that followed absolutely captivated the audience. Everyone was cheering and shouting when the colors changed, or the shape of the beam adjusted, but when the single laser split into two the whole crowd went nuts. Nosaj Thing’s set flowed like a waterfall, effortlessly transitioning from track to track, all the while keeping the bass and mellow beats at the forefront. Nosaj Thing only spoke once, right before the last track, to thank Buffalo for its kindness.

Com Truise followed shortly thereafter, emerging on stage in a similar fashion, only now surrounded by two sets of LED screens for his light show. The screens displayed numerous patterns reminiscent of Com Truise’s album art, mostly melting, or spiraling outwards with other geometric patterns. Com Truise, being from Upstate New York, noted he was glad to be back. Throughout the show he entertained the audience, providing some witty banter between sets of songs. At one point, a member of the audience shouted “I love you Tom Cruise!” and Com Truise proceeded to burst out laughing.

The show couldn’t have been better, and I’m thrilled I saw both these artists at the same venue!

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