[Behind the Beat] Corrupt Talks Goals, A New Single, and Perry the Penguin

[Behind the Beat] Corrupt Talks Goals, A New Single, and Perry the Penguin

It was Saturday afternoon at Electric Forest weekend 1, and Corrupt – AKA James Caudle – was throwing down a fun, high energy set at the Tripolee stage. The tracks were largely electro-house, with some well-placed remixes and even a few surprises thrown in. When the opening words of “Circle of Life” from The Lion King floated through the air, the crowd nearly lost their minds – in the best way possible.

When the set was over I had the opportunity to chat with Corrupt for a few minutes, and I mentioned how great it was that the audience was going so hard even though, in my experience, people sometimes reserve their festival energy for after dark. He agreed, but said he’s always up for the challenge of a daytime set, and that as an artist you always have to stay true to your style, no matter what.

As I was dancing to Corrupt‘s set, I couldn’t help but notice that he had a friend up there on stage with him. This friend, I later learned, is Perry.

Corrupt and perry the penguin

Corrupt shared that he’s been obsessed with penguins since he was a child, initially feeling bad for them that they couldn’t fly (aw!). He started doing school projects on penguins and grew to love them even more. So if you’re hitting up a Corrupt set any time soon (check his website for upcoming tour dates), give Perry a wave!

It’s hard to talk about Electric Forest without using the word “magical,” which is how Corrupt described his festival experience right off the bat. He said it feels like one big family where everyone helps each other out, and is “unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” EF has been my favorite festival since I first attended in 2015, and I was happy to learn that this community is just as wonderful to the artists as it is to the attendees.

In addition to being magical, Electric Forest helped provide Corrupt with the energy and motivation to keep producing music and improving his craft. He had just attended EDC Las Vegas before coming to Forest, and for a dance music producer, EDC LV is the ultimate in music festival aspirations. He was inspired by his experience at EDC and is grateful for the opportunity to play other festivals – such as EF – as they help grow his confidence as a producer. He hopes to play EDC Las Vegas in the future, and we here at Mix 247 EDM are sure he’ll make it!

Another source of inspiration for Corrupt is his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. I asked him to tell me a bit about the music community there and learned that there’s a big, underrated scene and a wealth of talent in Ohio and the surrounding areas. He finds a lot of excitement in growing his local presence and slowly expanding it outward.

Earlier in 2017 Corrupt released a new single, “My Type ft. Karra,” which is an upbeat, feel-good kind of track. “My Type” was a slight departure from Corrupt’s usual style, as he wanted to make something more melodic than his usual heavy drops. Karra’s fantastic vocals definitely help achieve this lighter feel, and Corrupt had fun working on the project and is extremely happy with the result – and it makes us happy just listening to it! Check it out below.

If you’re not able to catch Corrupt at one of his performances this summer, have no fear. In between festival sets he’s hard at work, and though he has a number of projects he’s working on right now, he’s keeping us in suspense as to what they are. So get ready for some exciting things coming your way this fall from this extremely talented and motivated producer!

Thanks so much to Corrupt for taking a few minutes after his set to answer some questions for Mix 247 EDM. And don’t forget to stay tuned via his Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud to keep track of tour dates and new releases!

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