Cosmic Gate and JES – Fall Into You [Wake Your Mind]

Cosmic Gate and JES – Fall Into You [Wake Your Mind]

For an act that has been around for so long, one would think that Cosmic Gate would have run out of ideas by now. That is far from the truth. Cosmic Gate’s latest single “Fall Into You” shows both music listeners and the music industry that this long running German duo still has the magic in them. Accompanied by the talented vocals of JES(Jes Brieden), Fall Into You is the first single off Cosmic Gates upcoming new artist album: Materia, and it is certainly a strong first appetizer for fans of the duo, and music listeners in general.

With a heavy beat that will rock speakers around the world, a massive bassline that will get dancers grooving, and a fantastic hands in the air main lead, Cosmic Gate have crafted a wonderful track that infuses both their older progressive style and the more modern big room sound that is so popular in today’s industry. The excitement doesn’t stop there however. With a haunting breakdown and chilling vocals from American singer JES, listeners will definitely be feeling the goosebumps after fully listening to this future classic of a track.

For those who thought Cosmic Gate had lost their way after being in the industry for so long, fear not. Fall Into You is a wonderful throwback to their older sound, while retaining a host of big room elements that will be mainstream friendly. Coupled with the excellent vocals of JES, we have ourselves a winner here. If Fall Into You is an indicator, then Cosmic Gate fans(And of course music fans in general) are in for a very big treat when their new artist album releases in early 2017. In the mean time, make sure to go grab a legal copy of Fall Into You when it hits stores on December 16th via Wake Your Mind Records.

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