Countdown to EDC Las Vegas with DJ Kutski

Countdown to EDC Las Vegas with DJ Kutski

Born and raised in England, DJ Kutski quickly fell in love with rave music. He has grown to become a very successful DJ and will be performing this year at EDC LV! Mix 247 EDM was able to catch up with him so that you all could get to know the man behind the incredibly enticing beats.


What drew you to become a harder style DJ?
I’ve always been into dance music from as far back as I can remember. Then when I was about 8 years old, my older sister discovered ‘rave music’. Alter 8, SL2, The Prodigy etc… From that moment I was hooked!!!

What are you looking forward to most at EDC LV this year?
I’m just looking forward to experiencing the spectacle of the whole event really! Obviously it’s one of the biggest dance music events in the world now. Everyone has seen the pictures and video, but I know from experience, pics and vids can never do anything justice so I can’t wait to experience it for myself.

Do you think that your English background gives you any sort of advantage when it comes to being an EDM DJ?
Are you kidding? These days “if you ain’t Dutch you ain’t much”… or so my brothers and sisters in Holland would have you believe haha!!! But seriously, I’m really proud to be British and always fly the flag of my home country, but I don’t think it has every really affected things for me

You started DJ’ing at 15, what drew you to EDM music at such a young age?
I was just a nerd who loved music. I had to know everything about the music and the scene. I had to have all the latest records before everyone else, and I had to be the one that told everyone else about them. I guess they are the fundamental building blocks of being a DJ.

What is your favorite collaboration you have ever been a part of?
I work a lot with Audiofreq. We go way back and have a very different yet similar approach to music, and because we are such good friends, there is never any friction in the studio so we always come out with something super cool and creative.

What is your favorite part of shows you perform at and why?
I always like intimate and small gigs to be honest. I come from a very underground background so I love the small shows where you can make eye contact with everyone on the dance floor and it feels like your in the rave, rather than just conducting it from a stage.

What is your favorite song to perform and why?
Ask me on any given day and I’ll give you a different answer lol!! At the moment the new remix Darren Styles and I worked on gets a great pop from the crowd every time, so that’s always fun to play!

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?
I’m actually luck enough to work with many of the artists I grew up idolizing. Maybe someone outside of the scene who I really respect, like DJ Shadow or someone… but i don’t even know where we could meet musically haha.

Where do you see EDM music in 5 years?
Bigger and stronger!!

You have toured all over the world. What makes US crowds different?
Enthusiasm! In Europe dance music has been around for almost three decades now, and people can become a little spot and cynical about things. In the US everything is so fresh, new and exciting, it’s always a pleasure to bask in everyone’s enthusiasm out here.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?
Do dick pics on Snapchat count? That isn’t the kind of attention I’m looking for 😛

Everyone has one, what is DJ Kutski’s guiltiest pleasure?
Video games I guess. I have an unhealthy addiction to buying shit I don’t have time to play any more.

If you were not a DJ what would you be doing?
A transport planner / civil engineer

Name something we would all be surprised to know about DJ Kutski
Before I did this as a full time career I used to me a  transport planner / civil engineer. That probably makes the last question make a lit more sense now haha


Check out DJ Kutski at EDC LV this year and keep up with him on his podcast Keeping The Rave Alive that he updates weekly:


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