Countdown to EDC Las Vegas Series with Audio

Countdown to EDC Las Vegas Series with Audio

Leading up to EDC Las Vegas we will be featuring several artists from all over the globe who will be performing under the electric sky. The first artist we are pleased to feature is the very outspoken, hard hitting, Audio. From his tattooed drum & bass knuckles to his ruthlessly hard-hitting productions, Gareth Greenall AKA Audio embodies the spirit of D&B. Uncompromising, inherently underground and refusing to play games, the South London artist’s diligence, creativity and lack of complacency. He has inspired mass respect from every possible corner of the scene.

Check out the interview below

How did you get into the music industry?
As a fan first and Foremost, that developed into an obsession I’m still dealing with today 😉
Usual story tho, got turntables started mixing, realized I wanted to write the tunes as well and the rest is history.

What sets you apart from other DJ’s out there?audio
I just do me from my sets to my productions I take my path, if people are with me lets go, if not see ya later, that’s been my attitude from the start and will be until I’m done.

How do you get your inspiration for creating your tracks?
Other music, film, TV and life in general to be honest like most creative people my emotions and feelings are conveyed thru a chosen medium, mine being music.

You are playing at EDC Las Vegas. What can we expect from your set?
Full throttle aural assault as per usual 😉 , I will treat it like any other gig selection wise, the only difference being I get to do it in the amazing setting of EDC Vegas.

What other artist are you looking forward to seeing at EDC?
I’m looking forward hanging with some other artists I don’t get to hang with often, but I’m in and out on this gig so u can’t get to wasted lol.

If you were not in the music industry what would you be doing?
Probably still be in building / construction industry it’s what I did after school so prob be doing that, it’s great in good weather but in winter it sucks.

Do you have any rituals you do before a set or something you have to make sure to have with you each time you perform?
Earplugs, couple of vodka cranberries and some herbal medication and I’m good to go 😉

audio-djCraziest thing that has happened on during an Audio set?
I’ve ejected the wrong CD, blown the system and spilled drinks over the mixer so I’ve had a few myself, but recently I put my USB’s on a bench for a sec turned around and then they where gone, 5 mins before my set, turned out they fallen under the stage we where on and were hanging on the edge before being lost forever.

What is something you would change about the industry based on the challenges you face?
People buying and supporting music like they used to, as in everything in our culture, everything has to be available now, and soon as its out, its old, I don’t like that.

When you were a kid what was one show you had to run home to watch or make sure you were awake to catch on TV? pre DVR of course
I’m an eighties baby so anything from then that would of been on after school, soon as music was there tho it kinda took over from TV.

What has been the most memorable experience so far?
My whole career to be honest, the fact i can look after and provide for my family while doing something I love, and that includes traveling the world I’m truly blessed.

Name three perks to being a DJ/Producer
Gonna keep it 100%
Don’t have to get up Monday morning
No one tells u what to do
Get paid to play tunes and get drunk

What is one song from another artist in your playlist you can’t get enough of? (any genera)
Anything Edrush and Optical, Noisia, Upbeats, Gridlok,beastmode

Other than EDC Las Vegas what else are you excited for in 2016?
The release of my Beast Mode LP on Ram Records and touring with that.

Where can everyone follow your journey?
Twitter audioPXLFST
Instagram audioPXLFST
Facebook audio dnb uk

Any thank you’s or shout-outs?
Anyone who keeps it real