Countdown to Imagine Music Festival Leah Culver Interview

Countdown to Imagine Music Festival Leah Culver Interview

Kicking off the series of interviews gearing up for Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, GA August 26-28 we spoke with the very talented Leah Culver. Leah Culver, is a singer-songwriter/producer/DJ most known for her electro/hardstyle sound and powerhouse performances. Since her debut in 2011, her hard work and dedication to following her teenage dreams of becoming a respected female artist in a genre dominated by men, have made her a Atlanta’s hometown hero.

Knowing that all of your hard working is paying off, how does it feel living your dream and being able to play with your favorite DJs and artists at some of world’s greatest festivals?
I couldn’t be more grateful and happy to have the opportunity to write music that tells real stories and play it to people who actually care to listen to it! There are so many talented people in the world and it’s wonderful to get the chance to share my music in this way. I really just want to make music that moves people and give myself fully every show.mkultra

How does it feel playing again in your hometown at Imagine Festival?
I have so much love for Atlanta that I couldn’t be more excited to get back to friends, family, and my hometown supporters! I’m born and raised in Atlanta and this is the first time I’ve ever moved away! I’m always excited when I see an Atlanta booking on the sheet!

What can we expect from the Leah Culver set at Imagine Festival?
Last year at Imagine was my first time trying my new live sound in full making it pretty much a live band and DJ set. I didn’t have as much new content as I do now that was built for that live show. This year you can expect to hear my full EP Radiance and a few from my upcoming Fall EP. Stoked to have Gabe from Fyer on guitar, and if you haven’t seen him he’s so insane! He’s so talented and I’m very excited to have him in my set. I will have Jon Wilkes from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on drums again and he’s even better than ever. One of the sickest drummers I’ve ever met so I’m again very honored to share the stage with him. I tend to play a lot of melodic big sounds alongside some really heavy bangers. Might have a few tricks pulled up my sleeve as well!

Your new single “Ex is a Loser” is getting great recognition, what were your feelings when it was finally released and your fans giving you positive feedback on it?
I’ve been really stoked on all the positive feedback for “Ex is a Loser!” It’s getting a lot of air play actually! So this is the first song I’ve had do that for me! The song is built to help people through their break ups in a kind of fun way and I’ve had a lot of people tell me it’s their life right now so it feels good to help people through it. If they’re screaming out the lyrics instead of keying their exes car than I’m happy!

If you, Leah Culver had the chance to collaborate with any of your favorite artists/producers who would it be?
I’d want to write hook melodies with Brendon Urie, I’d want to work with James Blake. I’d paint with KAWS and I would want to sing with Hayley Williams live so she can show me how she runs around and belts like she does without losing her breath.

Dance music seems to be such a male-dominated field. Have you found this to be more challenging or more exciting as a female artist?
If I had boobs I’d tell you that being a girl DJ is dope because having boobs is kind of an exciting thing I suppose. If I can be honest I never know how to answer this one because I forget that the world sees me that way. I guess what I mean is, it doesn’t change anything if I myself don’t see myself that way.
To answer you honestly, I face sexism but I also have a lot of supporters that don’t doubt me based on my gender. I kind of think it’s only a challenge if I let it be and I just won’t put walls around myself for other people’s comfort. I am very grateful for being able to put the time and energy in to what I really love to do, so it’s not very easy to make me feel weak based on how I came out of the womb. Women are smashing it in the industry right now and this is only the beginning!

Where do you see your career going in a year from now?leahculver
I’m thinking I’ll have reached my final form and will dominate the nearest Poke Gym! My plan is to continue touring and writing!

If you could be animal in the world, what animal would you be?
I dance like a giraffe with weak ankles so I may have some points in the giraffe game…if I could choose I’d be a bat because people don’t pick up bats and cuddle them…people wouldn’t mess with you but don’t kill you in fear like a spider. Also you can fly around without even opening your eyes.
Just kidding! For real though, if this is based on my actual nature then I’d be a manatee because they seem pretty chill, not very aggressive, and they are pretty much sea cows that graze all day underwater. I can relate to that heavy.

No politics promise!! If you could pick any person to be president who would it be?
Obviously Dillon Francis for President 2016…or my mom. My mom is perfection.

If you had to listen 1 track on repeat for the rest of your life, what track would it be?
Anything Ella Fitzgerald.

What would be your alter ego name? Describe her.
I was just reading about female drag shows where women dress as exaggerated versions of women as a whole and I would want to be that so hard! They pretty much get to go all out and be whatever they want to be without getting called names. It’s perfect because that’s just how it should be anyways.
I just got back from Atlanta where I recorded a song called “Monster” on my upcoming Fall EP. There’s a part in which I rap kind of in a singy Future style. As Justin Padron, the recording engineer, and all the other rappers/recording artists that were hanging around and sitting in listening were kind of coaching me on how to master as they explained a somewhat mumbley sound they named me Leana (Lean-uh) Culver and I think that could be my Fem Drag name but Leana Culver would give out compliments to everybody and free pizza.

Are you working on new material?
Yepparoo, I feel like I haven’t taken a real break from working on music for half a year. I like it that way. I’m way excited to give my first EP Radiance to everybody, I’ve got a few singles with some heavy hitters under way and then I’m going to release my Fall EP.

If you were not a DJ what profession would you be in?
A manatee trainer.

What’s your favorite city to perform in? What cities do you wish to perform in?
I want to go back to Japan really bad. Last time I went there, I really thought about staying. I love their culture and lifestyle. Every time I see an article from Japan it’s amazing! Any place with cat cafes is a place I want to be.

Where can everyone follow Leah Culver’s journey?
Instagram and Twitter @LeahCulverMusic

Do you have any shout outs or thank you’s?
Big thank you to the artists I’m collaborating with. I’m also extremely grateful for the people who have and do support my music and love for music. I love them so much and want to hug every single person that’s ever showed me love.

Leah Culver wants her fans to know that the world is theirs for the taking and with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude, you can make your dreams come true. She hopes to spend the rest of her life meeting people, traveling and making music.

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