Countdown to Woogie Weekend with Visionquest

Countdown to Woogie Weekend with Visionquest

Music and shuffling go hand in hand together. It has been a phenomenon whether 3LAU video,”Is it love?” or even videos on youtube teaching basics on How To Shuffle. The fluidity of music inspires your muscles, bones and soul to dance to the natural hum of BPM. With Woogie Weekend two days away, there is one trio in particular you should look out for. Visionquest.

Founded in 2014, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves is Visionquest and they are a musical revelation. Consisted of trance and organic sounds, Visionquest is a rarity in the EDM scene, composed of artist that involve their own unique qualities. Check out the interview below

From Lee Curtiss of VQ, speaking for the rest.

Visionquest, thank you for being with us today. How are you feeling right now?
Fantastic! Just moved to LA. New house, new car… studio is almost set up. Life is incredible.

Coming from Detroit, what inspired you to pursue music as a career?
Simply put, I think we’ve all been infatuated with music our entire lives. Detroit has such a deep and rich history with music, from Jazz, to Motown, Hip Hop, to Electronic music, it has always been one of the most influential places in the world.

What was the idea behind the name Visionquest?
It’s a Native American term for a right of passage into manhood. It usually involves going out on your own into the wild without food or shelter for several days until you receive a vision. I think aptly fit what we were doing musically at the time we formed the label/ group.

Did you guys work together before the trio formed in 2014?
The trio formed much further back than 2014. The label started in 2011, the group formed several years before that. We’d been traveling back and forth to Berlin, staying at each others houses and playing and making music together for several years before that.

How did you all meet initially?
In Detroit, at rave parties. ; )

Who or What do you use as your inspiration?
Old music, new music, books, walks through the city, walks in the woods, jokes, paintings….. life.

What are your hobbies outside Djing ?
Ryan and I love to cook, and are pretty good with the BBQ. Shaun is a novice canine obedience trainer.

What advice would you give to the people who are just getting into djing?
Dig deep through old music. We were all lucky enough to be playing records when record stores were everywhere. If you’re only shopping on beatport and not learning the beauty of playing vinyl, you’ll miss a vast amount of great music from years back, and a lot of great tracks being made today.

 If you had to choose between an MPC, a keyboard or a laptop, which would you use to save the world?
I guess you’d need the laptop. It’d be hard to write a globally enthralling, anti government manifesto ? call to arms on an MPC.

Since you’re playing Woogie Weekend, are there any Dj’s you know personally, that you enjoy?
We’re good friends with Mathew Jonson (best live set in techno several years running), Damian Lazarus and of course Benoit and Sergio (We put out their 1st big record).
We’re all fans of Joeski and Mark Farina and would like to see them as well.

Lee 171051
What can we expect from your set at Woogie Weekend?

Our style and taste differs from person to person. We have a good chunk of time, and plan on making it an enjoyable psychedelic ride for everyone. We’ve all been amassing tons of great music from around the world, alongside some upcoming releases on the label, it’ll be great to play them in the woods in California.

Is this your first time playing at Woogie Weekend?
I played solo, as did Shaun Reeves last year at LIB on the Woogie stage. It was seriously mind numbing. The DJ booth was 15ft up in a giant old oak tree, and all the trees at the stage had these beautiful color changing light structures built around them. The sound was perfect, and the crowd was one of the best we’d played for. I’m ecstatic to be invited to Woogie Weekend along with Ryan this year as Visionquest.

When you get to Woogie weekend, besides checking in and proceeding with all the essentials, what will be the first thing you do when you get there?
Get a beer, and marvel at whatever ridiculously bizarre and beautiful stages they’ve built. After that, I’m going for a walk in the woods.

With similar yet different sounds, is there a link between The Hutchinson Effect & Evolyon?
We certainly hope so.

What is the first thought that pops into your mind when you listen to Evolyon?

Where can everyone follow you?

Is there anyone you would like to personally thank today?
As always, our family and closest friends that have become our family are the most important and encouraging people in our lives. Without our families and families of friends, this entire project would have stopped dead in it’s tracks years ago.

Make sure to check out their single, Evolyon below.

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