[Behind the Beat] Dabin Discusses His “Two Hearts” LP and Inspiration at Electric Forest

[Behind the Beat] Dabin Discusses His “Two Hearts” LP and Inspiration at Electric Forest

It was a rainy first night of Electric Forest, but that didn’t stop Dabin from absolutely crushing his set. Nor did it stop us poncho-clad fans from dancing amongst the trees that surrounded the Forest Stage.

Dabin‘s Electric Forest set was his first time trying a new setup with live edits and almost entirely original music, but you would never have known it was experimental. Dabin is a talented producer who alternates beautiful, ethereal melodies with heavy bass drops, keeping the crowd excited and on their toes. And once you factor in that he absolutely shreds on the guitar, well, you have the recipe for a pretty memorable opening night of the festival.

I was able to sit and chat with Dabin after his set Thursday night. Despite being fresh off the stage and probably exhausted, he was thoughtful and kind and even offered me a few recommendations for my post-Forest trip to Toronto, where he’s from. (If you’re ever there, check out Kensington Market!)

It was Dabin‘s second time playing Electric Forest and my second time attending, and we spoke about our mutual love of the festival and how it’s hard to understand the full magic of it until you’re actually there. Dabin shared the magic of his Forest set with others, both by bringing a drumline comprised of good friends from home, as well as bringing out close friend Illenium, who played at the Sherwood Court stage on Saturday.

Dabin spoke about his new album, “Two Hearts,” which he describes as deeply emotional and one of his “boldest projects ever.” Much like his live set, it features a healthy mix of beautiful, poignant melodies and upbeat dance tracks. My personal favorite track is “Lilith,” with its delightfully grimy bass line, but check out the full LP below and decide for yourself! There’s truly something for everyone and the album has been widely well received.

Shortly after “Two Hearts” was released, Dabin shared the track lyrics on his Facebook page, along with an image for each track that he found inspirational. When asked if he typically thinks in multiple creative mediums at once, Dabin spoke about wanting to capitalize on any and all inspiration, whether it comes from music, art, or video games. His art school background and fine arts major allows him to tap into more than just music, and his fans are truly lucky to be able to experience his vision through multiple outlets.

If you’re a fan of either Dabin or Gramatik, you’ve likely heard Dabin‘s remix of Gramatik‘s track, “Native Son Prequel.” Gramatik was one of the first electronic artists I ever listened to, so of course I love this remix and had to ask how it came about. I learned that Gramatik personally asked Dabin to put his own spin on this song (so cool!), and that it was a fun experiment for him to work on a track that’s so different than his usual sound. The result is a song that’s both funky and smooth, and if you’ve never heard it, definitely give it a listen.

When asked how he would like to be viewed as an artist, Dabin hoped that he would be described as “someone who creates music with meaning behind it.” I think anyone who has seen his live performances or heard his recorded music would agree that he truly lives this ethos. To learn more about Dabin, check out his music or see if he’s coming to a city near you, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Soundcloud. And many thanks to Dabin for taking the time to chat with Mix 247 EDM at Electric Forest!

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