The Dada Land Compound Experience

The Dada Land Compound Experience

The Dada Land Compound was the experience. It was my very first time soaking in Dada Land. I came pretty and left ugly and got to have a chance to experience of my life according to the rules of Dada. The crowd was wild, the music was great and I felt a part of a never ending party. I call it The Dada Land Compound Experience.

Didn’t get a chance to see Dada Life? Check them out at Electic Zoo this year!

The Dada Land Compound

The Dada Land Compound is a place to be yourself. It is a way to get to know Dada Land and their ordeals. Where you can embrace the rules of Dada. The duo exceeded my expectation and my expectations were extremely high. From the trailblazing lineup, which included Peekabū, Kill The Noise, Seven Lions, was a perfect opener for the one and only, Dada Life. K?D closed right after Dada Life and he really made the whole night. Active since 2006, the duo threw down and made the night an unforgettable one. Everything from the branding to their message was effortless. They gave out pins and paper smiles immediately when we entered. It was a really cool experience.

Between Stefan pouring champagne on himself, a warehouse-wide pillow fight and the inflatable champagne and bananas, it was a noteworthy night.

The Headliners at The Dada Land Compound

Peekabū kicked off the night. The duo is the artist to watch. With a mixture of trap and dubstep, they set the mood for Kill The Noise. Kill The Noise played immediately after Peekabū. He dropped sick beats such as Nasty by Datsik and Virtual Riot and his Like a Bi**  Remix by Zomboy at the end of his set. Anxiously awaiting, Seven Lions came through. One moment I’d never forget is when he dropped Silence by Mt Eden Dubstep, which was the first song that introduced me to EDM. Unfortunately, the link above is not the remix by Seven Lions. His energy was amazing! He also played his well-known song Falling Away feat Lights.

Go Bananas, Here’s Dada Life

The Dada Land Compound Experience

We get to the main act of the night, Dada Life, who KILLED IT! Dada Life opened with flag bearers holding their flag, which composed of champagne and bananas. Ironically, they kept teasing us with snippets of their famous song, Kick Out The Epic Mother****. Then, Stefan called out into the crowd. He asked if there could be two bananas that could come onstage with him. One sporadically jumped on stage after a second. They proceeded to get campaigned by Stefan. Epic or what? Emotionally, I began to tear up when Last Night On Earth was mixed, which was featured in the movie XOXO. Then, a pillow fight emerged. And did I mention they were throwing cookies in the crowd? Sweet. They finally closed out the show with Born To Rage. Up next, K?D.


K?D’s performance had to be one of my favorite acts. K?D’s futuristic, dub glitch sounds set the mood for the end of the night. His music reminds me a little of Porter Robinson. His music was meant to feel, to dance and most of all to become a fan of true music. Sadly, the night came to an end and all of the citizens of Dada Land had to go back to reality.

Please take me back to Dada Life, where everything is smiles.

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