Daft Punk Return On The Weeknd’s Latest Single, “Starboy”

Daft Punk Return On The Weeknd’s Latest Single, “Starboy”

Mere hours after unveiling the album art and title of his upcoming LP, Starboy, The Weeknd reveals the title track, a collaboration with Daft Punk.

While the single follows Tesfaye’s recent mainstream breakthrough, 2015’s Beauty Behind The Madness, “Starboy” marks Daft Punk’s first official material since 2013’s Random Access Memories. Earlier this year, the VP of Republic Records, Wendy Goldstein, confirmed the collaboration and spoke highly of their artistic chemistry.


“Starboy” contains the electric sheen typical of the French robots, paired up against the volatile sentiments of Abel Tesfaye. With a natural glow, “Starboy” radiates feeling as real as any other genre of music. Both Daft Punk and Tesfaye, acts who imbue their atmospheres and vocals with emotive power, fuse in a way that demonstrates just how evocative EDM can be. In their partnership, they illuminate the depths of possibility electronic dance music allows.


So now that “Starboy” is here, what else could we expect from Daft Punk in 2016?

Since dominating airwaves with 2013’s Song-of-the-Summer, “Get Lucky”, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have kept a relatively low profile. During this time, other dance-music duo’s such as Disclosure, Jack U and the Chainsmokers filled in the sonic gap. The speculation now begins on what may be Homen-Christo’s and Bangalter’s next moves, and who may be their next collaborator.

Random Access Memories saw remarkable partnerships arise between the duo and Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas, and Giorgio Moroder. Their recent teamwork with Tesfaye implies the duo may be engaging some of today’s newest and freshest artists. And if they’re looking to the mainstream for inspiration, they may wait until we least expect to unleash it all.

“Starboy” serves as the debut single for Abel Tesfaye’s third studio album, set to arrive later this year. The track is available on Apple Music, but you can preview it on iTunes at the link below:


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