Dancing Without My Phone at NYC’s LightsOut Event

Dancing Without My Phone at NYC’s LightsOut Event

On Friday night I attended the inaugural LightsOut event at The Knitting Factory here in New York. This party, thrown by Good Looks Collective, was a way of getting music fans to experience music by focusing on only the sound.

How did they do this? As the name would suggest, the lights were, well, out. When you walked into the music room there were no visible lights aside from a small light allowing the DJ to see what they were doing.

“Ah, but what about the lights from everyone’s phones,” you ask. Well, they handled that too. Before heading in to the music you had to put your phone in a locked Yondr case, and while you were able to carry the phone with you, it remained locked until they opened the case for you prior to leaving the venue.

I was a little unsure of what to expect at LightsOut, but I love The Knitting Factory and I was excited to dance to the intense bass of Eprom, the night’s headliner.

Upon locking up my phone my immediate thought was, “Let me take a picture of my phone in this silly case!” (Nope). Throughout the night I realized just how often we use our phones as it seemed like every 5 minutes that I thought about using it for something.

Having been to The Knitting Factory tons of times, it was a little shocking walking into a much darker room than usual. But my eyes adjusted pretty quickly and while it was certainly pretty dark in there, it wasn’t so dark that you couldn’t see, which probably would have been a little too intense. It did allow for an uninhibited experience, as the low lighting gave everyone the freedom to “dance like no one is watching.” Because they weren’t. I was also pretty pleased that the one guy who managed to sneak his phone into the room and was blatantly texting – to the annoyance of everyone – got a stern talking-to from another attendee and promptly put his phone away. LightsOut means lights out, guy!

The sound system at LightsOut was absolutely on point – I felt the bass vibrating through my body during Eprom‘s set, as well as during openers Pleasure and Tsimba. The intensity of the music was perfect for this crazy experiment. It was a unique and memorable evening, and one that will have to live on in the attendees’ memories since there were no phones to document it.

If you live in or near NYC, get excited! LightsOut volume 2 is already in the works.

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