Datsik Ninja Nations Tour Stops in Kansas City Missouri 2/3/17

Datsik Ninja Nations Tour Stops in Kansas City Missouri 2/3/17

Datsik performed at the Midland in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday, February 3rd. His show did not disappoint.

Datsik currently is on his Ninja Nations tour. He refers to his fans as his ninjas. Many people at the show last night wore face masks, bandannas, or conical hats. The crowd’s energy met the intensity of the music that Datsik played. His music contained a variety of dubstep beats that made the crowd go wild. 

Video from the show

Troy Beetles, otherwise known by his stage name Datsik, is a dubstep and drum and bass music producer DJ. He hails from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. He performs at many shows across the globe. In the past Datsik has played at festivals such as Coachella, Stereosonic, Boonstock, and Electric Zoo. Datsik officially began releasing music in 2009. His first single titled “Swagga,”came to life with the help of the DJ Excision. Excision has been credited to helping Datsik’s music evolve and grow according to an artist biography by Rich Wilson.

In 2012 he created his own record label called Firepower Records which features a variety of EDM music such as trap and dubstep. Needless to say, Datsik has continued to grow and create booming tracks. He has released many albums and EPs. His latest, Sensei EP, was released in December of 2016.

Datsik can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among other social media sites. His music can be found on Youtube, Soundcloud Spotify, and Pandora among other music streaming sites. Check out Datsik’s official website. Firepower Records’ website can be found here.

A complete list of Datsik’s tour dates can be found here.

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