Decadence 2016 Colorado: Event Review

Decadence 2016 Colorado: Event Review

A stiff drink like 2016 needs the proper chaser to send it down, and we found ours in Decadence 2016. Fans from across the country united at the Colorado Convention Center to bring in the new year with some unbelievable EDM acts. Global Dance once again put on an amazing event and gave 2016 the finale it deserved.

Night One

Swedish prodigy Kasbo led off the night with his eclectic mix of house and melodic tracks. Mixing in MGMT’s “Time to Pretend” and M83’s “Midnight City” kept everyone on their toes as his engaging set primed us for the amazing acts to come.

RL Grime v. Baauer was a highlight of the night as the two talented producers seamlessly blended their distinct styles. Trap bangers were punctuated by samples of “m.A.A.d city”, “All The Way Up” and “Pon de Floor” as the duo slung hit after hit at the eager audience. The constant bounce of the crowd was an amazing sight to behold. Bauuer and RL Grime had some real chemistry onstage, prompting many to hope they team up more in the future.

It’s hard to compare any other contemporary act to the funk messiah GRiZ. The stage presence and musicianship of GRiZ is stunning to see live. Hearing his buildups performed live with his signature sax lends this raw energy that separates him from other producers. Along with support from Fuzzy Bear, GRiZ dropped some classics of his (and Michael Jackson‘s) along with several new tracks that caught my ear. The unmistakable GRiZ sound was there, but the new tracks had a maturity to them that speaks to his tireless work ethic and evolution as a musician. His set won the night for me and I can’t wait to see these new tracks released in 2017.

Bassnectar is truly in a league of his own. As the only DJ to get a 90-minute slot, Bassnectar had ample time to prove he’s still one of the best live performances in EDM. He went deep into his catalogue yet artfully mixed in classic hits from other artists. Captivating visuals accentuate the pulsating vibes of his set and they whole experience transports the crowd to another world.

I caught the end of Borgeous‘s set, but that was enough to be impressed by him. Between his bass heavy tracks and remixes he played System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!”, which I love him for, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. It’s a powerful feeling to watch all colors and creeds of people scream Nirvana lyrics. I was having a great time at Borgeous‘s set and I highly recommend checking him out when you can.

Canadian bass duo Zed’s Dead brought their hip-hop infused dubstep in full fashion, weaving between tracks like “Rude Boy” and “Too Young” with their fantastic live mixing. They even dropped “It’s Tricky” to the elation of the crowd. Zed’s Dead had thousands of people in the palms of their hands with one of the most impressive sets of the night.

Adventure Club followed their Canadian brethren with an even heavier set of their original tracks. Adventure Club went on late but their unbridled passion reverberated through their diverse set of house, dubstep and trap hits. The massive bangers and atmospheric buildups gave the crowd exactly what they wanted to end the night on the Timekeeper stage.

Disclosure finished off night 1 of Decadence 2016 with a fan favorite club DJ set. After a night of heavy drops and head-banging at the Dreamer stage, Disclosure brought a satisfying blend of hypnotic hi-hats and vocals to guide the crowd on one last journey. Despite the call of their tired bodies, the crowd was compelled to the dance floor with each new beat.

Night one of Decadence 2016 brought some of the biggest names in EDM to Colorado. Fans from across the country traveled to be a part of the event and they were not disappointed. I was blown away by the artists and how well Global Dance put on the enormous event.

Night Two

Night two brought an equal number of talented artists to the stages. First off, I checked out the Silent Disco, just in time to catch Adam Stark‘s set. One thing Stark had pointed out in his interview was the benefit of the Silent Disco for exposing certain genres of music to people who wouldn’t normally check it out on their own. There’s something to be said for bringing lots of different types of people together, onto one dance floor, and letting them dance to different kinds of music and see that despite their own personal tastes, they all share a common love for the energy that EDM brings. He brought lots of different styles of trance music to the dance floor, while the other two DJs contributed their own unique sounds, creating an awesome and fluid atmosphere for everyone.

Next was Ecotek‘s set, and though his was early in the night, it didn’t stop him from packing the house with fans. His style of set was unique; he seemed to mix in lots of different genres into one, big, flowing set that satisfied all. Afterwards, I sat and talked with him for a bit, which can be found here.

The Chainsmokers were the next set that I made, and man, do they throw down. Possibly the most packed set I attended all weekend, they had the crowd on another level. While they played some of their smash hits like “Closer”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Roses”, they also threw in lesser-known Chainsmokers songs, and some pop and rap hits as well.

Following this was Flume, another artist who brought his game heavy. After such an exciting year, Flume went out with a bang by leading the crowd in the New Year’s countdown. The audience got to experience some of his recent smash-hit album and enjoy his unique sound.

I hopped over to Tiesto for a bit, who had a more lively and crazy set going on. Upon his New Year’s Countdown, hundreds of balloons and confetti were released into the crowd, igniting an exciting uproar. Tiesto is truly a classic in his genre, and seeing him once just isn’t enough.

As the night was drawing to a close, I made my way to Snails. This set was probably the most involved, chaotic set of the weekend, and the perfect way to end an amazing festival. Snails threw down some of his popular originals such as “Frogbass”, while also mixing in some reckless trap beats. As always he kept it grimy and slimy, much to the crowd’s pleasure. Moshing and headbanging ran rampant through most of his set as bassheads all over the crowd expressed their excitement to his unique sound.

Overall, this year’s Decadence was one for the books. The variety of genres within the EDM umbrella was just incredible, allowing festival-goers from all over to hear their favorite artists while also involving themselves in music that they may not have checked out otherwise. Anyone who did not have a chance to experience this unique event should consider buying a ticket next year, and anyone who did get the opportunity to go should be grateful to have rung in the New Year with amazing people, in an incredible city, hearing some of the best music of 2016.

**Event covered by Mix 247 EDM team members Alex Geis and Amanda Cox

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