Dillion Francis as a Donut in New Video

Dillion Francis as a Donut in New Video

Dillion Francis had decided to make his latest alter-ego into a donut. In this 14 minute short film “Exit Through The Donut Hole (I Can’t Take It)” Francis and director Agata Alexander have as much fun with this as possible making his love interest taco girl and his enemy broccoli.

Exit Through The Donut Hole is the story of Dillon “Donut” Francis, a donut activist with a mission to bring awareness to the donut crisis in America. Things don’t go as planned when his childhood friend Greg – a luscious and nutritious broccoli, comes back into his life. This is a film about lost childhood dreams, broken friendship, love and the struggle of being a donut in a human world.

Additionally, Dillon is bringing awareness on his website to “donut violence”

“Fam, it’s time to talk about something very serious and dear to Dillon’s heart. This week D’s raising awareness about donuts, because they basically live in crisis. There’s a hole right in the middle of them and they are constantly under threat of being eaten by cops, or drunk people, or drunk cops. Anyways, stayed tuned because D will be releasing a video at the end of this week speaking to this issue.

Says Dillon, “Hey guys just wanted to let u know about something that’s really close to me. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a lack of awareness surrounding the issue of donut violence. As a result, I’ve dedicated this week to shed light on this problem. I have made a very special video that I will be sharing with you this Friday.” Tell a donut how much you appreciate it today, and lick only if it gives clear verbal consent.”

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