Dillon Francis – Bun Up the Dance Ft. Skrillex

Dillon Francis – Bun Up the Dance Ft. Skrillex

Music videos became relevant for the first time in over a decade, and only because people think Drake looks foolish AF dancing like Carlton and dressed like my late grandpa, may he rest in peace, but there was a time when videos almost always accompanied a song, and some were like movies with a plot that drove home the meaning of that song. In the past, artists have enlisted the expertise of elite directors and producers, giving them never-ending budgets to conceptualize the song’s vision and capture it perfectly on the screen.

Videos have a different role in today’s tech savvy world, where anyone can film footage on even their cell phone and transfer it to something palpable. Today, it is the dumbest, most ridiculous content that makes a video worth watching. Dillon Francis has dedicated an absurd amount of time lent to on-screen face time with his alter egos, and even stars himself in the utter ridiculousness posted up on his socials. Dillon rarely breaks from trolling to reveal the artist rooted inside of him, but when he does it on some epic shit.

Like his This Mixtape Is Fire EP, wherein lies the deep moombahton spirit of yung Dillon Francis, giving it a different life as part of each track on the EP, every one a collaboration with the most powerful players in dance music. Aside from the fact that it literally is hot fire, Dillon Francis was most likely in all of his fun-loving glory making wacky, not exactly moombahton, with all of his super talented, equally bizarre friends. He paired up with Skrillex on “Bun Up the Dance,” a combustible combination of brostep and mooombahton that speaks to the spirit of the artist in all of us. Representative of the relationship between its creators, this track is hella fun and energetic.

You can’t not move to the animalistic beat. You are drawn to its fire, chanting gimme the light. A concept materialized in the music video released yesterday for “Bun Up the Dance.” Dillon Francis and Skrillex teamed up with director David M. Helman and choreographer Fatima Robinson, successfully transferring this track to video.

It begins in dimly lit separate rooms, watching individuals move with the music, each doing their own thing in privacy. Everything in this video moves with the music; actions speed up and slow down with the beat. The motions are set to match the music, so that as it builds so does this narrative taking place on the screen. Even the vocals seem to be a sort of subconscious collective dialogue, as these dancers seeking out the light are like moths to a flame.

A long haired free spirit carries a torch, and everyone that was dancing separately comes together under the night sky, following the flames. The music is fire and it brings everyone together, in fluid movements as fires rage around them, one on the side of a house and one in a tree. Odd, but not nearly as bizarre as the end. We see a hanging lamp lighting this room, but the light is clouded by a massive swarm of moths. The camera pans out to reveal a giant moth, as if simply to gross you our or make you laugh, who knows. It isn’t that serious. Back to your regularly scheduled programming, where you can catch Dead Dillon, the newest undead alterego of our favorite electronic music troll.

Credit Run The Trap

Check out Dillon Francis – Bun Up the Dance Ft. Skrillex video below.