New Dillon Francis: Candy

New Dillon Francis: Candy

Dillon Francis has long been one of my favorite DJs for many, many reasons; too many to list actually. His newest song, “Candy,” dropped less than a week ago and has already taken its place on that list as well.

Francis is known for his intense drops and energizing, underground rave background beats, and “Candy” takes those to another level. The drops in “Candy” each take snippets from a similar group of rhythms, but each one is uniquely different at each drop. This intimate organization allows for sharp breaks among a cavalcade of low horns and party sounds. Francis’s use of multiplicity takes the song beyond the same drop, a trend the EDM community is excited to be seeing more and more of.

The music video (though technically labeled ‘audio only’) for “Candy” up on Francis’s VEVO features a piñata dancing, then going ballistic at each drop, where a number of green screen dancers suddenly appear for some cameos. This honestly reminded me too much of The Harlem Shake for me to really get into the video, but if the video is really ‘audio only’ after all, I figure we may be seeing an official music video up for it soon enough.

After hearing “Not Butter” for the first time and falling in love with that drop, I’ve come to expect a lot from Dillon, and he has yet to disappoint me. Overall, “Candy” stays true to what one comes to expect from the mad EDM scientist known as Dillon Francis. The crazy drops, the randomness, it’s all there. Even his choice of candy, the tootsie roll, fits swimmingly in Francis’s evocative vernacular. The chorus might be too reminiscent of the original song “Tootsee Roll” back in the 90s for some hipsters, but Francis’s version is entirely his own, and entirely sweet as candy.

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