Dillon Francis Presents: DJ World

Dillon Francis Presents: DJ World

DILLON FRANCIS along with Getter & Nick Colletti  a.k.a the “Suh Dude” guys, have created a parody to mock all reality T.V. shows that our country is addicted to.

The concept of Francis’ YouTube series is similar to MTV’s The Real World, but involves six DJs picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. Instead of breaking stereotypes about DJ’s in the EDM industry, this comedic series of videos just adds ridiculous thoughts into our heads about who DJs are when they aren’t preforming. As the host of the show Craig Braidathon would say “Slap my ass and call me Samantha, because this looks exciting.”

Check out the first episode which introduces this Summers newest reality show: 

Episode 2 introduces you to housemate Ronnie Ferrari.

Episode 3 introduces you to housemate Fabianoff. 

You must admit that you cannot wait to see what episode 4 has in store. I’ll be following the series and keeping you up to date on latest drama going on in the house. Stay tuned…


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