Dillon Francis Has A Spanish EDM Album in the Works

Dillon Francis Has A Spanish EDM Album in the Works

Dillon Francis has a new album in the works, and it’s sure to be muy caliente.

He talked about this upcoming album in an interview with Billboard, in which he mentioned, “The person that probably inspired my music the most, and still to this day, is this guy Munchi.”

Munchi is a DJ from the Dominican Republic and has been making music for years. He is thought to have originated the genre Moombathon–a mix between house music and reggaeton.

Francis mentioned how after realizing he and Munchi remixed the same song, “We started talking on Soundcloud, and when I listened to his remix I was like ‘man, your remix should have been on the package, because it is so much better than mine.'”

After dabbling in the world of Moombathon, Francis was invigorated by the fast tempos and dramatic builds and has decided to incorporate some of this inspiration into his next album.

This isn’t the first time he’s experimented with Spanish tracks, however. He mentioned how his single featuring G-Eazy, “Say Less“, “was actually supposed to be a Spanish record,” but added that, “I went and sought out G-Eazy, and it was just way easier for me to get the vocals.”

He also just remixed J. Balvin and Willy William’s Spanish hit “Me Giente“.

The release date for his upcoming album has yet to be released, but we’re here for it.

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