Dillon Francis Takes Over DJ World

Dillon Francis Takes Over DJ World

“Can I get an Amen!” The latest episodes of DJ World have hit the main stream and the EDM world and myself are hooked. DILLON FRANCIS along with Getter & Nick Colletti  a.k.a the “Suh Dude” guys, have created a parody to mock all reality T.V. shows that our country is addicted to. This laugh out loud YouTube series shows what happens when you put six DJ stereotypes of the EDM world under the same roof for a cash prize of $5,000. In episode 6 you are introduced to Danny Dawson, a self proclaimed ladies man who has had too many women in his DJ career that he has moved onto men, his main motivation for joining the show. You have to hear this guys favorite DJ’s and the reasoning behind it, pure gold!

In episode 7 you are introduced to Donovan, the awkward momma’s boy. He loves house music because he grew up in a house and his lack of friends growing up probably led him to isolation which explains his social anxiety. 

It’s becoming a weekly highlight of mine when new episodes of DJ world come out, because the comedic relief coming from some of the biggest DJ names in the games shows that these people actually have personalities off the stage. Stay tuned next week for more hilarious episodes as we will get into the thick of all the drama, now that all the DJ’s have been introduced.

Song of The Week: 

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