[Listen] Diplo & MØ Release “Get It Right” From His New Album

[Listen] Diplo & MØ Release “Get It Right” From His New Album

The prince of electronic dance music, Diplo, has released another hit with the talented singer, , called “Get It Right”.

The song starts off with some basic piano cords when ’s somewhat rugged but beautiful voice chimes in and sets the perfect tone for this uplifting track. She sings about how “[people] can try to hold [her] down” and “the sky is filled with smoke and fire” but she’s going to get it right. These lyrics somehow connect to all of us when we go through hard times and end up prevailing. Aside from the lyrics, the electronic element of this song reminds me of a 2013 Diplo, with synths somewhat relating to his and Dr. Fresh’s ‘Earthquake’ banger. Nothing totally new from the human dinosaur, but definitely something to be proud of nonetheless.

‘Get It Right’ is featured on Major Lazer’s official trailer for their upcoming documentary called Give Me Future. Give Me Future is a film about Major Lazer’s remarkable trip to Cuba last year where they played a free show outside the United States embassy to roughly 500,000 people. The documentary will debut on Friday, November 17th and will be available to watch through Apple Music.

The official lyric video for ‘Get It Right’ features short clips of their documentary playing in 5 different rectangles the entire time. You get a glimpse of what the whole film will feature including Cuban culture, dance, and fashion. The best part of this video is you can feel the sheer joy people experience through Major Lazer’s music. I am personally very excited to have an inside look at Cuban culture and watch how they react to electronic music. Not only is the song well produced, but it looks as if the documentary will be as well.

You can watch the Give Me Future trailer and ‘Get It Right’ lyric video below, and stream “Get It Right” on Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple Music.