Diplo Rains on “Corny” EDM Festivals

Diplo Rains on “Corny” EDM Festivals

Grammy award winning DJ and EDM megastar Diplo thinks EDM festivals are about as much fun as an open-mic night at mime camp.

In a GQ interview released earlier today, Diplo voiced his displeasure with how EDM festivals have become “soulless.”

“They’re not fun. The music felt like it was on a loop. I mean, DJs in general, the culture’s really ugly. It’s cheesy. Corny. It’s embarrassing,” said Diplo.

The Beef

Diplo’s remarks come as a shock to some fans as the songwriter and producer has won multiple awards for his work in the EDM field. Jack U, a duo consisting of Diplo and Skrillex, won two Grammys in 2016 for Best Dance/Electronic Album and Best Dance Recording. However, Diplo is not the only talent in the EDM universe to speak out against the merrymaking festivities thousands love to attend.

People may know Perry Farrell as the frontman for the rock band Jane’s Addiction, yet he is also the co-founder of Lollapalooza, which took place this past weekend. Being part of the EDM festival scene, Perry directed his words towards the culture instead of the ceremonies. In July 2016, Perry expressed to Chicago Tribune writer Greg Kot his affection towards EDM.

“I hate EDM. I want to vomit it out of my nostrils. I can’t stand what it did to what I love, which is house music,” said Perry

Numbers Don’t Lie

Despite such public lashings, Business Wire published an article which highlighted Electric Zoo 2016 as having 83,000 attendees with ticket sales up 30 percent compared to 2015. The 2017 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas surpassed its 400,000 2016 record as well. StatisticBrain has EDM festival revenue coming in at $15 billion for 2017.

Whether you agree with Diplo or not, the numbers prove how the EDM universe is far from fading. In spite of his disapproval of the direction EDM has taken, Diplo plans on making a difference for the better.

“Instead of complaining about it being cheesy, I’ll see if I can help make it better,” said Diplo.

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