[Listen] Dirty Audio To Release Yet Another Filthy Track This Friday

[Listen] Dirty Audio To Release Yet Another Filthy Track This Friday

It’s been a busy year for DJ and producer Dirty Audio. Lots of great music releases have put him even more on the map than before, and lucky for us, he shows no signs of slowing down!

This Friday, Dirty Audio will release a new track, “Stacks”, under Insomniac Records’ Bassrush, another heavy trap banger to add to his collection.

His most recent track with Delta Heavy feat. HOLLY, “Stay”, blew up with success, and quite a few of us have been bumping it constantly since its release just a short month ago. Just this year he’s also put out remixes for DJ Snake, Afrojack, and Yellow Claw, as well as his own original tracks via Monstercat.

So let’s say you’re a little late to the Dirty Audio party and you want to know what this guy is all about. Dirty Audio is a 22-year-old producer based in Los Angeles. He discovered electronic music at the young age of 12 and immediately fell in love. He started producing in 2011, by 2012 was already touring, and by 2013 was already touring internationally. Talk about a quick rise to the top! There’s a good chance you’ve heard his tracks without even knowing it, such as his hit “Gettin’ That” with Rickyxsan or one of his heavy-hitting remixes or originals from this past year. His unique style is described as a fuse of hip-hop and electronic sounds.

Speaking of hip-hop, Dirty Audio identifies himself as a huge fan and says many of his life lessons came from rap songs. He’s also a lover of coffee and drinks it on the daily, and is well known for his awesome socks (try and sneak a peek sometime).

If you haven’t been already, Dirty Audio is without a doubt an artist to be watching this upcoming year. You can check out his recent hit with Delta Heavy below. And don’t forget to check out “Stacks” this Friday, we know you’ll be getting down-and-dirty in no time!

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