The Disaster of Fyre Festival Spoken Through Twitter

The Disaster of Fyre Festival Spoken Through Twitter

With a horrifying thud, the now infamous Fyre Festival in the Bahamas has fallen to its death. For the past 24 hours, the internet has been flooded with terrible news from the festival’s first round of attendees. It is near impossible to search the festival’s hashtag and find those sexy models in all those Fyre advertisements. From stacked mattresses laying on the ground in the rain to dismal “gourmet foods,” tent fires, and looting, all with no help in sight. Fyre’s sky-high price tag proved zero guarantees for an even acceptable experience. The festival has been shut down and cleanup (both literally and legally) begins before Day 1 ends.

Fyre Festival is an amazing example of great marketing, but terrible overall planning. Their ability to promote the festival, cater to an audience and get people to shell out thousands on a weekend impressed most. Through impeccable [false] advertising, ticket buyers dreamed of sunny beaches with sexy bodies and hot-button celebrities. Perhaps the advertising was the first step in Fyre’s demise, as expectations shot through the roof, festival organizers shot themselves in the foot. The festival’s organization fell short, regardless of expectations. It became clear that the cost of caring for thousands of people crippled the budget, affecting the overall quality of amenities and shooting prices higher than Holy Ship. Several ticket purchasers are calling the entire festival a hoax or a fraud, but the cost of this flop will prove far more than what organizers received from ticket sales alone. This comes at the mouth of the height of festival season, and we’re left wondering if this will cause others to back out of other festivals later in the summer.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism issued an official apology regarding the festival as well as several organizers including Ja Rule. The entire downfall of Fyre Festival brought everyone to Twitter, where several Tweets told the horror story in best detail. Check out some of the best Tweets below.

See the interview Rolling Stone did with festival co-organizer Billy McFarland with Ja Rule did here

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Written by Ashley Cizek

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