DJ Diesel Dominates Tomorrowland

DJ Diesel Dominates Tomorrowland

When I first heard that NBA great Shaquille O’Neal was killing it on stage at this year’s Tomorrowland I had to see it for myself. After some initial reservations, mainly about the notions of a hyped up ‘celebrity DJ,’ I loaded up the youtubes and witnessed Shaq, AKA DJ Diesel, at the top of his EDM game. There is no doubt in my mind now that Shaq is both passionate about EDM music and an extremely talented DJ on stage.

A video of one notable set showcases the sheer energy Shaq brings to the crowd. We all know the basketball player Shaq. We know how great he is on the court and one can see how that energy translates to any type of crowd. One should note, the energy from the crowd is relentless and spot on to the music’s natural flow, not the celebrity persona. Just from the video alone, one can see DJ Diesel has a way with setting up drops, and obliterating the bass and treble into a miasma of sweat and celebratory beats.

One of the other most notable features of DJ Diesel’s set is the stage presence. When he jumps around and rocks to the beat, you can’t help but get pumped up as well. All seven-feet of Shaq flying about is definitely a sight to behold. He’s simply one of those icons who you can recognize almost instantly and seeing more talent emerge from one individual in an area separate from their norm is always fascinating.

Check out the video of his set below

Of course, I’m also sure some of us remember the movie roles as well; Shaq’s cameo in ‘Good Burger’ still gets me every time. Of course that movie is almost as old as yours truly, so seeing Shaq in a new and what some would call ‘hip’ environment is refreshing on multiple levels. Give the set a good long listen before you make a ‘celeb DJ’ judgment though, you’ll be in for a surprise.

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