DJ RobbieCee: Bringing Brooklyn to the Masses

DJ RobbieCee: Bringing Brooklyn to the Masses

DJ RobbieCee isn’t your typical New Yorker.

“No, I don’t wear Timberlands every day. And yes, I say ‘mad’ a lot,” he tells me.

Okay, so maybe the Brooklyn is strong in this one, but at the age of 23, this ambitious up-and-coming DJ already has his sights set on world domination.

DJ RobbieCee – real name Robert Cucco – has performed at prestigious East Coast venues such as Webster Hall, Space Ibiza NYC, and Pacha NYC, and opened for musical heavy-hitters like Laidback Luke and French Montana. Known for playing a diverse range of music in his sets, he aims to keep his audience on their feet from start to finish.

Dj RobbieCee

Cucco even has some experience playing outside the country as well, and tells me about how he got his start in the international nightlife scene:

“About 4 years ago, I was on vacation in Puerto Rico, hanging out at the beach with some buddies, with my stereo blasting music off my iPod. So this random guy is just listening, digging it, and he just straight up tells me, ‘Yo, come play at my club tonight!’ In my head I was like, ‘Wow, this is so random,’ but I went along with it and agreed to play and it was amazing!”

Cucco’s love for music runs deep, and he cites his experiences dabbling with the piano and playing wind instruments in elementary and junior high school as influential in his interest in DJing full-time.

“Music has always been a part of me,” he confides, “and it feels amazing to be a performer.”

As for the start of his DJ career, it seems like it was meant to be.

Cucco elaborates:

“When I was 14, my dad’s friend just happened to leave his DJ gear at my house for a long time. Looking back at it now, it was kind of like I was meant to find it, like it was fate.

Anyway, after learning to use this stuff, I put in a Beenie Man CD from like 2005, turned the speakers up, and started messing around. After that, I was constantly burning new CDs with custom track lists and learning how to beat match.”

Soon his passion for mixing became apparent to his whole family, which resulted in a new mixer from Santa that year.

And as they say, the rest is history.

Nowadays, when he isn’t helping out with the family business, he spends his time performing in clubs and venues all over New York.

Cucco’s favorite performance so far? His sold-out college campus 2016 tour, with stops in Downtown Niagara, Penn State, and even his alma mater, Albany.

His stage persona, DJ RobbieCee, has yet to make his West Coast debut, but Cucco hopes to one day perform as a mainstay at Vegas nightclubs like Omnia or Hakkasan.

He also has a mixtape called “Who’s OD?” in the works, and plans on releasing it next spring. “I’m ready to take a second and focus on building a tape. I have a lot in store for 2017. I love this life, and for me to make my mark in this business will be a dream come true.”

Listen to his Soundcloud mix below:

For more information, check out DJ RobbieCee’s Instagram and official website.

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