What is DJ Snake up to? What does he think about when he’s performing and mesmerizing millions of fans? We may not know but we can tell you one thing for sure; his new album Encore is a masterpiece. From singles like Turn Down For What feat Lil Jon, Get Low collaborating with Dillon Francis and Lean on with Major Lazer & MØ, the french DJ finally has his first studio album Encore.



Encore is composed of 14 tracks, two singles and 12 collaborations which include Skrillex, Justin Bieber, Mr.Hudson and BiPolar Sunshine to name a few. Off of the album, Middle, which is a summer phenomenon and Talk are two singles off the album. DJ Snake is known for pushing the limits with his mixes, especially collaborating with heavy hitters in the industry.

Middle by DJ Snake has reached Billboard 100 for consecutively 10 weeks to the date. Along with mesmerizing vocals, the video gained traction hitting 78 million views. Debut music video included Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson as a superhero.

Talk has more of a trance, runway feel. With strong female vocals and music synced distinctly, the track works well for people who aren’t really into trap or hard style.

The Album has major differences with each track. A perfect blend of trap, EDM and rap, the DJ did a phenomenal job with Encore. The album travels through your soul, leaving you in a dreamlike state of refreshment.

Songs To Check Out On Encore:

Each song off of DJ Snake’s Encore is different from the next track. Extensive collaboration, memorable sounds and intense sequences. Below are my personal favorites off the album.

Ocho Cinco feat Yellow Claw: If you are looking for a head banging hard style mix , this song is perfect for you. Collaborating with Yellow Claw, its heavy baseline, trap style will have you jumping out of your seat.

Sahara featuring Skrillex: DJ Snake and Skrillex both collaborate well together. Sahara brings a perfect mix of DJ Snake and Skrillex. With mesmerizing sounds, this song will have you constantly moving.

Propaganda: A mix by DJ Snake, this mix has been used on transitions at festivals and is god as a stand alone mix. It is a perfect mix of EDM and trap. 

Here Comes the Night feat Mr. Hudson: One of my personal favorites, this sensual feel with Mr. Hudson gives it a special touch. With dream instrumentals, this song is different from any song off of the album.

Let Me Love You  feat Justin Bieber: Collaborating with heavy hitter, Justin Bieber, has a similar sound to Sorry but more of an upbeat feel. It’s the third single off of the album.

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