What Is Up With DJ Snake and His Recent Events?

What Is Up With DJ Snake and His Recent Events?

What in the world has been going on with DJ Snake and his recent personal whereabouts? Should we be worried?

Just recently, DJ Snake hit fans with a total shock as he deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as canceling a performance at this past weekend’s Hangout Festival in Alabama. Maybe he realized that social media isn’t real life and he’s fine.

Either way, Hangout Music Festival shared the disappointing news last minute with attendees that he was not going to headline his performance, with Lil Yachty taking his place.

According to Reddit, with his set being canceled, there has been rumors speculating around that DJ Snake was apparently pulled over in Gulf Shores for a DUI and possibly arrested, but as of publishing, there is no evidence to support that theory.

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The next spooky event that happened was DJ Snake’s last public snap chat on his story, reading, “Tu m’as décu”, translated from French to English, “You have disappointed me,” What the…? Some fans believe that the snap chat was referencing to how the public and fans have received the news about a lawsuit involving him and his song “Turn Down For What,” but there still isn’t evidence to support this theory.

During the Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco, DJ Snake stated to the audience during his set that he “does this for the fans because they show him so much love every day”.

Other DJ’s have begun showing concern about either Snake directly or the Internets obsession with social media and Snake’s place in it.

Either way, we all hope that he is truly okay and will continue to make his magnificent music.

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