Philadelphia DJ Tawa Gets Saxual at Okeechobee Fest

Philadelphia DJ Tawa Gets Saxual at Okeechobee Fest

Keegan Tawa is a Philadelphia DJ and producer known for his unique DJ sets. He recently just returned from Florida after performing at Okeechobee Music Festival.

Keegan Tawa at Okeechobee

Philadelphia DJ Gets Saxual at Okeechobee Fest

Tawa plays the sax at the Bassment in Pittsburgh

Tawa has been awing crowds for years with his ability to incorporate his live saxophone skills into his DJ sets – a skill he says has been a “long journey” of perfecting.

“I am constantly working at both streamlining and enhancing my performances. For a long time my shows consisted of only DJing, using only digital equipment. As I have advanced and developed more technical skill as a DJ, I’ve been able to introduce new elements to my live performances,” Tawa said.

He further stated he is now attempting to incorporate analog synthesis chains into his live sets and he has also stripped his setup of all computers, using only CDJ’s, analog synthesizers and sequencers, and the saxophone.

“I believe as a performer, the combination of turntablism and live instrumentation and synthesis gives me an edge. As a  songwriter, I think I have a very unique writing style that taps a lot of my formal background and classical training as well as my jazz roots.”

Tawa describes his Okeechobee experience to have been “fantastic.”

He played two different sets, one at the Incendia Stage and the other at the Palace Stage.

One of Two Sets at Okeechobee

Starting off, the first set was much more serious and was the set he put the most time into rehearsing, incorporating more intricate saxophone work and mixing, while the second set was “much more lighthearted and improvisational.”

The second set he shared with two other performers, Riza and Lonshi, who he had met the previous day on the ride from the airport.

“We all had hit it off and connected really well – we played together at an after party the night before, and when Lonshi took the stage on Sunday, a few sets before mine, he invited Riza and I up to play with him.”

All three of the performers are DJ’s, but Lonshi is a vocalist and sings over his original pieces and Tawa played the sax.

Philadelphia DJ Gets Saxual at Okeechobee Fest

For Tawa’s set he invited the duo back on stage to close out the night.

“Between our three skill-sets, the performance wound up being really memorable. The crowd really enjoyed it and kept asking us what our band name was! The three of us ended up getting booked together for a couple of future shows in Brooklyn and DC.”

Performing at Okeechobee is a wish many DJ’s wish they could fulfill. This isn’t Tawa’s first milestone as a DJ.

More About Tawa

Tawa has opened up for Above and Beyond  and along with opening and closing for Big Gigantic. Tawa would also like to mention he managed to convince Big Gigantic to play at one of their basement college parties.

Philadelphia DJ Gets Saxual at Okeechobee Fest

Following the trio’s performance, Tawa sat down with MZG, a Florida based duo.  They had enjoyed his performance so much they allowed him to jump in on a few of their tracks. It worked out so well they are now considering a studio collaboration.

Tawa has just released a new single, Before it’s Gone ft. Monica Guardado. It be found on his SoundCloud.

His official Facebook page is here.

Instagram: KeeganTawa
Snapchat: Keegan8325

"riza and lonshi team up with tawa at okeechobee"

“Riza and Lonshi team up with Tawa at okeechobee”

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