Dillon Francis and “Suh Dude” Guys Will Make You Laugh

Dillon Francis and “Suh Dude” Guys Will Make You Laugh

Crank up the volume because the latest episodes of DJ World have hit the main stream and I’m hooked. DILLON FRANCIS along with Getter & Nick Colletti  a.k.a the “Suh Dude” guys, have created a parody to mock all reality T.V. shows that our country is addicted to. This laugh out loud YouTube series shows what happens when you put six DJ stereotypes of the EDM world under the same roof for a cash prize of $5,000. In episode 4 you are introduced to Scottathon and Richard, an under aged DJ and his father who is past his prime in the NASCAR industry. This episode will have you shouting “Stoki”, and in the words of Dillon Francis, “That guys pretty weird, but he might win though.”

In episode 5 you are introduced to Jake, well actually his name might be Zacharie he doesn’t make it clear. This DJ is the rock star of the group who spends most of his time in an ecstasy induced euphoria and probably cares more about the partying that comes along with being famous than the music. So far of all the episodes Jake/Zacharie is my favorite housemate because of how clueless and self rightough he is of himself. 

Why do the episodes have to be so short? I’m completely entertained and can not get enough of this nonsense. I will be posting the latest episodes of DJ World so stay tuned…

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