Documentary About the Infamous Techno Viking

Documentary About the Infamous Techno Viking

The muscles, the man, the mystery, the  Techno Viking. You know who he is. You have seen the video’s since the turn of this century.

Techno Viking came to be by way of 4-minute video shot by experimental video artist Matthias Fritsch at the Fuckparade in Berlin, Germany on 8 July 2000. Fritsch uploaded the video to the internet in 2001. In 2006 he uploaded it to YouTube, and it went viral in 2007 it now sits at 3,633,040. Fritsch did not know the starring man, a man who had many internet memes made from the popularity of the video.

Since then In 2009, The Technovikings lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to Fritsch, who immediately stopped taking payments from YouTube. Three years later, the Technoviking and his lawyer decided to sue Fritsch outright.

Check out the original video below then see the documentary

Now,  fifteen years later, Fritsche has successfully crowd-funded a campaign to release a complete documentary about the viral rise of the Technoviking himself to give some insight into what was actually going on in Germany that day so long ago. Check it out