[Listen]Drum and Bass: A Collaborative Playlist

[Listen]Drum and Bass: A Collaborative Playlist

Who isn’t a fan of some drum and bass (DnB or D&B)? This EDM subgenre first emerged from the streets of England in the early 90s before the EDM scene took the world by storm. The 606 and 808 breathes life into the fast breakbeats of DnB. The complex and energetic EDM genre takes from music genres including dub, reggae and the hardcore style among others.

Scrolling through my Instagram I stumbled upon Diesel Boy‘s post that quickly caught my attention given its bright red background making my eyes pause and my thumb stop its vertical scroll exercise on my iPhone.

A fan of all EDM (as well as other music genres) whether it’s house, techno, funk, DnB, dubstep, bass house, electro pop you name it;the list goes on, I so appreciated seeing a playlist curated for one particular genre (DnB); especially one that I feel isn’t so mainstream. Eagerly I clicked the link in Diesel Boy‘s bio, per his instruction, and discovered the musical gem. Currently at 68 songs that will give you five and a half hours worth of solid DnB, I’m close to having listened through the whole playlist and am loving all of the chunes!

the global drum and bass community has come together and created a massive spotify playlist that is updated daily

Make sure to save or create your own playlist with your favorites since this DnB playlist is updated daily. Thank you Diesel Boy for sharing this lovely musical treasure chest via your socials, and we too luvdrumandbassCheck out the playlist here: dbapp.io/iluvdrumandbass

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