The Road to Self Discovery featuring Duke Dumont

The Road to Self Discovery featuring Duke Dumont

In the EDM world, there are a bunch of subgenres; whether hardstyle, trance, house, dubstep etc. Each genre has different qualities which are exemplar. With house, it empowers me. Music such a powerful element for healing. No matter what life throws at you, music increases mood and well-being. It regenerates us and it gives us a temporary break from our troubles. Duke Dumont taught me that.

Duke Dumont and My Journey


Listening to Duke Dumont, awakened something in me.  His music opened my eyes to the world around me. Internalizing every lyric, his music inspired this journey of self-love. His uniquely composed tracks, such as I Got U, Won’t Look Back & Need You (100%), are upbeat songs that are unified. The songs that inspired me are listed below. This is where my self discovery began.

The Giver

The Giver is one of those upbeat singles that instantly gets you moving. Both the original mix and the Reprise are both melodic pieces that work well together in any club setting. This song has the perfect mix of trance and house.


Melt is more of a sensual single that taps into your being, leaving you all in sync with the composition. This song has the perfect mix of trance and house.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive falls into the genre of house. Enjoyable for dancing and really getting into the baseline. He does a great job of composing an even balance throughout.

Be Here

Be Here is a perfect dance song. With intriguing lyrics, this is one of his singles along with The Giver and Ocean Drive. Perfectly encapsulating runway chic and  house.

My Self Discovery

One things for certain, Duke Dumont taught me confidence. His music is composed of Nu-Disco and House. With diverse sounds, Dumont is authentic, raw and versatile. From house to runway chic, producer Duke Dumont encapsulates empowerment. His styles shift in interesting ways. From sensual to deep house, each mix is individualized.

He had given me the confidence to be myself and walk as if the world is my runway; to be myself and love myself. Growing up plus size, beauty was found in Barbies. My whole life, I believed that I could never be her. It was disheartening as a child.  As I grew up, I learned that can make that change is you. The change wasn’t easy, it took a lot of thought.What it taught me is that music heals and feelings are meant to be felt. Music is one of the number #1 things that can aid a person through times of depression and self-doubt. That journey is ongoing. It is all on how you take care of yourself. I would have never thought that Duke Dumont would give me the confidence to love myself again.

Which artist inspires you?

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