Eagle I Stallion – “Reckless Gods EP”

Eagle I Stallion – “Reckless Gods EP”

When boundaries no longer exist and fusing styles is the new genesis, what do you get? Eagle I Stallian. By setting the bar by relying on uninhibited artistic expression, bringing to life Reckless Gods a 2 track EP.  A unique instinctive artistic imprint, setting the tone for absolute head banging. Influenced by mythology’s ludicrous and epically extravagant stories, the duo set out to break the confines of electronic music convention while merging their favorite aspects of many genre.

Bringing their heavy rock experience to the electronic music world, infused with beautiful melodies a perfect combination. Reckless Gods EP, examine the elements of rock and dance music, giving each song their own sound. The first song, Poseidon’s Dead, has a faster more deep house vibe. The second track, Gates Of Hades has more of an darker techno vibe following along with a heavy bassline. Eagle I Stallian’s perseverance is evident and they back it up with passion and dedication. Grab your own copy of the new EP HERE.

01 – Poseidon’s Dead

02 – Gates Of Hades


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