Does anyone get sick of their playlists and wishes there was another track to listen to similar to the songs they already have? Well I got you! This is a must check out artists. I can’t tell you enough how much I love progressive house music and when I find a new song that falls into my tastes in music, let alone a whole new track. I am ecstatic! So without further delay, go check out Elephante. This LA based artist blends progressive house, electronic, dance, and pop music, beautifully!

Now let me tell you, how I found him. It started with the recommended songs to listen to on Apple Music. If it doesn’t grab my attention within the first five seconds, I skip it. But as the seconds passed by, I knew I had to add the song to my playlist ASAP. Plans was playing, and I was hooked from the moment I heard Brandyn Burnette sing. The start of the song sounds romantic and as it escalates, I can’t but help picture fireworks, rose pedals exploding in the air (3:45 sec. into), as a couple drops everything they are doing to run into each other arms.

As I was grooving to it, I was immediately thinking it was just another pop song. But to my surprise, it was by electronic music producer, Elephante. I loved the song so much, I was hoping there was another similar to it and surprisingly there was. Thinking I was the last one to hear it but it was made available just this year along with the rest of his album (I am the Elephante). Ok, so the rest of the songs were not love songs. But they do have an amazing voice to it, a grooving beat, and uplifting lyrics that immediately makes you smile. You can find his music on Pandora, iHeart Radio, Youtube, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Everything about Elephante is found in the link below, along with his tour dates.

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