EDC Las Vegas VS Ultra Miami

EDC Las Vegas VS Ultra Miami

So, perhaps you’ve been tossing around the idea of going to Ultra Miami or EDC Las Vegas this year but you can’t decide which venue is more appealing… Rest assured, you’re not alone. Around this time of year, many ravers- including myself- find themselves wondering if they should attend EDC Las Vegas or Ultra Miami, two of the biggest electric dance music festivals in the USA that draw crowds from across the globe… So I did a little research before deciding which I will be attending this year.

Deciding which venue you should go to requires the consideration of several contributing factors if you want to feel completely confident about your choice. It’s important to analyze your options down to every last detail, including ticket sales, location, transport, and arguably the most important detail, the vibes. Lets check it out:

Most goers to these events book their tickets long before the full lineups are announced, it’s a good way to ensure you’ll have a ticket and usually at a lower rate, however, it’s not so good if you don’t want to spend a large sum of money while taking a shot in the dark about the lineup. If you want to wait until the lineup is announced to book your ticket, you can expect to pay more than face value for tickets.

The ticket prices to each event are comparable, both averaging at about $350 per ticket, not including VIP or taxes and fees. Both include a basic entrance to the three-day event. It goes without say really; if you’re traveling from the East Coast, flights/travel will likely be cheaper to Miami whereas anyone on the West Coast will have cheaper travel to EDC Las Vegas. If you find yourself caught in the middle between the two venues, consider yourself lucky because travel expenses won’t be a huge deciding factor.

Though the music may be similar, the atmosphere of the venues are not so comparable. EDC Las Vegas occurs in June, usually a very hot time of the year in Las Vegas; luckily the venue is hosted at the 1,200 acre Las Vegas Motor Speedway, allowing guests plenty of space to comfortably rave it up. The Speedway is complete with eight separate stages, carnival rides, art, and performances- it’s well known that Insomniac goes above and beyond expectations to provide a once in a life time experience for their headliners. Events and performances go on until early morning hours, just in time for goers to witness an enchanting sunrise after a long night of raving. Legend has it that the PLUR at EDC is unmatched.

Ultra’s venue may be considerably smaller than its Electric Daisy counterpart, however, it generally turns a good portion of downtown Miami into one big party after the performances- which end around midnight. The venue is hosted at the Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, right around the time of Spring Break for many college kids, so you can expect to see a good portion of spring breakers who are looking for nothing but a party at this event; the good news: the weather is generally mild and bearable in Miami at this time of year. Because of Ultra being known for more of a “party”, generally, the PLUR vibes at Ultra do not compare to that of EDC. None the less, if that specific aspect doesn’t bother you, Ultra is an excellent place to enjoy the always-amazing lineup of artists and it’s unarguably the venue to attend if you don’t want to feel guilty for leaving the show early in order to participate in some city nightlife.

It’s also important to note the location of each place, if you’re a beachbum you’ll probably favor the location of Ultra, considering downtown Miami is only a short walk to several beaches, allowing for optimum relaxation before and after the parties. Obviously, EDC Las Vegas is in a city that never sleeps- you will be surrounded by endless nightlife, casinos, and entertainment; it’s unlikely you’ll have an opportunity to get bored in Las Vegas.

Over all, if you want to party and listen to amazing music at night while getting to relax on the beach during the day, I would recommend Ultra. If you want a once-in-a-lifetime “electric carnival” experience, complete with excellent vibes and amazing music, I would recommend EDC Las Vegas.

General consensus from online polling, most ravers who have been to both prefer EDC Las Vegas over Ultra because of the unmatched atmosphere at EDC, but personally I don’t think one festival is “better” than the other, and to give credit to them both there is truly no wrong choice between the two because they are very different events that will provide very different experiences. Ultimately, it just comes down to personal preference.

Before choosing which one you think you should attend, I highly suggest prioritizing which festival you believe appeals to your expectations most, while equally considering which event is more doable (travel and financially wise), before making your decision. However, I think if you’re given the opportunity to attend both at some point in your life, do it, neither event will disappoint.

What festival did I choose for 2017? I have my ticket booked for Ultra this year. Since I live on the East Coast and I love the beach, I didn’t think I could really go wrong with my selection. Perhaps when tickets for EDC Las Vegas go on sale I will book those as well, because you can never go to too many raves.

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