EDC Vegas Breaking Ground With VR Experience

EDC Vegas Breaking Ground With VR Experience

Electric Daisy Carnival has been one of the most innovative festivals in America since it began. It has been the pinnacle electronic music festival for over a decade. With the EDM bubble slowly popping, there is still a strong following for this beloved festival that many see as one of the originals. Its legacy has sparked many of the other colorful fests that have popped up over the past few years. From the larger-than-life stages to the perfect host in Las Vegas, EDC keeps pushing the boundaries in the best way possible. With innovation comes technology, and EDC has brought virtual reality to its tech audience two years in a row.

Last year’s EDC was epic, with the best of the best in music and another round of adoring fans, it was hard to forget. However, some fans aren’t always able to catch EDC. Insomniac never wants to leave a PLUR loved one behind. At the start of the New Year, EDC organizers teamed up with CES and VRLIVE to bring CES attendees, as well as those at home, a 360° EDC experience.

“VRLIVE’s cutting-edge technology and immersive 360º footage will transport viewers into the imaginative world of North America’s largest music festival as they witness more than 250 performances from globally acclaimed artists across eight of EDC’s massive stages and fourteen iconic Art Cars.”

With this cutting edge experience, those with any VR device could immerse themselves in Electric Daisy Carnival as if they were really there. Who needs video games when you can watch your favorite DJ in virtual reality?

“VRLIVE also executed the 360º live-broadcast of three intricately designed stages at EDC Las Vegas 2016, and routed each stream to 50 Samsung GearVR headsets at the VRLIVE Lounge on the festival grounds during the event. Guests were able to strap on a VR headset and virtually transport themselves to the stage of their choice, while standing next to their favorite DJs as they performed in groundbreaking 360º live-broadcast virtual reality.”

For this super cool VR experience, check out this site. Of course, many of us still are without access to VR devices, and most of those experiencing VRLIVE were those in attendance at this year’s CES held January 5-7th. However, all is not lost. The best way to get your EDC experience is by simply going to the festival! Tickets for the 21st year of Electric Daisy Carnival June 16-18th, 2017 are on sale now! Snag your tickets here!

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