EDM Fashion Throughout The Decades

EDM Fashion Throughout The Decades

Fashion trends come and go quickly as time passes. This is true for the fashion of EDM artists. EDM fashion has evolved a lot throughout the decades. Let’s take a look at the evolution. We will start by taking a look at the EDM fashion trends from the 1990’s.

1990’s EDM Fashion:
Back in the 1990’s groups like Orbital and Darude were helping define electronic dance music. Fashion trends in the 1990’s consisted of items such as phat pants, boiler suits, and midriff tops. Bright colors were definitely encouraged along with smiley faced items.  Below is a picture of 1990’s fashion.


2000’s EDM Fashion:
In the 2000’s, things changed some. Artists like Paul van Dyk, Fatboy Slim, and David Guetta impacted EDM. Kandi culture impacted EDM fashion. Kandi is a general term for bracelets, necklaces, and face masks made from chunky beads. At EDM festivals or raves, people would trade or give away their Kandi beads as a symbolic gesture of kindness and positivity. It was very common in the 2000’s to see people with Kandi beads. Bright colors and neon were still popular. Items with fur also emerged in the 2000’s. Below is a picture of 2000’s fashion with Kandi beads.


Current EDM Fashion:
In the current decade, it seems that anything goes. Artists like Major Lazer, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris among others influence EDM. People wear body paint, glitter, crop tops, rompers, bikinis, flower prints, quirky shirts, and just about anything else. With the wonderful use of the Internet, people are able to discover more options of EDM fashion than ever. Many websites such offer awesome clothing available to buy. Of course many of the fashion trends vary from festival to festival. This first picture is of a woman at Coachella


This next picture is of a group of women at the Tomorrowland music festival.


Though the fashion and music of EDM has changed throughout the years, it still gives us the freedom to be whoever we want to be. We can express ourselves in any way. Dressing for raves or festivals can be a freeing experience for many. It will be interesting to continue to watch the trends of EDM fashion over time.

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