EDM Fashion Trend: Pins

EDM Fashion Trend: Pins

A unique fashion sense can become a vital way to express one’s individuality in any aspect of their life. In fact, this holds true to the attire worn by EDM concert and festival goers. The openness and freedom felt at these events determine how fans accessorize by incorporating fads with individual style.  Though several trends make their way into the scene, currently the use of adding pins to clothing, hats and bags is very prevalent.

EDM pins

Bassnectar/ Where the Wild Things Are

EDM pins have various themes such as an artist’s name,  a festival logo or just a funny or creative image.  This trend is a way for fans to express their love for a favorite artist by sharing distinctive pieces with new and old friends. Therefore, this brings about togetherness because fans from all over the world can connect over the common adoration for a dj. Wearing pins inside and out of EDM events lets the people in your everyday life know more about your interests. Each pin showcases different ideas that can even help others discover new artists. If anything else it can just lead to a positive conversation starter!

EDM pins

Pretty Lights

Fans trade with one another which creates a constant alteration in the collection that each individual has. This helps to make the pin fad very exciting and interesting.  Each pin represents a special feeling that corresponds with the appearance as well as a memory. Trading pins share the peace of music with the people around you which generates a feeling of unity. They travel from music lover to music lover sprucing up the wardrobe of each unique individual. Pins express love for music, the adoration of an artist and therefore, the EDM community as a whole. Use this fashion trend to be yourself, show who you are and love the people around you!

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