EDM Festival Fashion Guide

EDM Festival Fashion Guide

As summer comes to a close and the warmer weather festivals are on their way out; it is time to reflect on all of the great fashion they have given us. From latex mini skirts, twinning tops, bead bras, body paint and serious glitter, heres a countdown of Instagram’s most noteworthy festival styles.

Number 1: The Body Suit


The body suit has been a popular staple all summer. With a cape and the right accessories it gets you through the wee hours of Nocturnal, but throw on some pants and it immediately transitions for the perfect coffee run. Another thing worth mentioning here is the cape. They look great, and can even double as a blanket when it comes time to take a seat.

Number 2: The Spirit Hoodie


The Spirit hoodie has been around since 2009. The first documented creators Haber, Alex Mendeluk, Chase Hamilton and Marley Marotta (according to LA Weekly) came out with their initial prototypes as a birthday gift. Since then the hoodies have spread from Vegas bars to festivals and back again. Perfect for warming up, and less cover up, most of them come with furry pockets for your hands.

Number 3: The Bead Bra


Beads have always been a go to for festival-wear, as well as bra’s in place of tops. Combine the two and you’ve got what Angelas_Kandi dedicates her Instagram to: the perfect top to any festival outfit.

Number 4: Twinning, Color and Latex


Twinning is always a good idea. It helps make sure you don’t lose who you’re with; plus you can never go wrong with latex and colored wigs.

Number 5: Face Glitter


From temporary tattoos, to stick-on crystals, some face bedazzling can always be spotted at any festival. Pictured here we have the face glitter matching her lips and nails which draws the whole look together and adds that extra feeling of extravagance that EDM fashion loves so much.

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