EDM Festivals Will Continue in LA County

EDM Festivals Will Continue in LA County

Good news for EDM lovers in Los Angeles County.

After two drug-related deaths at HARD Summer earlier this year, it was reported in August that LA officials made a proposal to temporarily stop large-scale dance music events taking place on land owned by the county. The temporary ban was lifted to make way for HARD’s Halloween edition, Day of the Dead and instead, the city implemented stricter regulations and formed the “Electronic Music Task Force” to emphasize the safety of all concert goers.

The Los Angeles County’s Electronic Music Task Force has decided on education and harm reduction instead in a list of 55 recommendations which will be given to the Board Of Supervisors this month.

Some of the recommendations include:

The introduction of “evidence-based” materials informing attendees on how to use drugs and alcohol safely.

Minimum entry age of 18

Wider access to water

Four police officers for every 1000 guests

Amnesty boxes ahead of security gates.

Sniffer dogs

More thorough searches

A request to cease alcohol service an hour before the festival closes.

Electronic Music Alliance founder Janine Jordan worked with the task force and hopes education takes precedent in future, rather than the RAVE Act which was introduced in 2002.

“I think this is a win. There’s a benefit to having the government approve this first. We will probably use this as part of the system to help educate and work with promoters.”

The county could amend the suggestions, though, with task force member Wesley Ford commenting that its “out of my control” when its being reviewed.