EDM is Opening the Minds of Music Lovers

EDM is Opening the Minds of Music Lovers

There is something magical about music and its ability to stimulate our minds, bring happiness into our souls, and have us temporarily forget about the negative things going on in the our lives. Music is something that most people can not live without.

Although everyone has a different taste, we can relate to the love and passion through various types of genres, artists, or favorite songs. At some point, the music we constantly sing out loud in our car rides or vibe to while chilling with friends can get repetitive and our ears may need to hear a new sound.

A true friend will recommend EDM for a new change of pace when it comes to music selection. It may seem far-fetched at first when listening to a bass-drop without a catchy hook or a beat that constantly changes sound, but music lovers with an open mind will learn to love the uniqueness of EDM.

With all the different sub-genres of EDM, it could be at first overwhelming to figure out which type  is most enjoyable, but that is one of the beauties behind the madness of EDM. It is almost impossible to become bored or tired of this techno-like music because of all the options. Some of the sub-genres (with more sub-genres within these sub-genres) include: Ambient, Breakbeat, Dub, Electronica, Hard Core, Jungle, Trance, and UK Garage.

There are also numerous artists that are producing EDM. Every year, the amount of DJs increase and every artist within the genres have their own signature sound and samples. Once a casual EDM fan becomes an avid listener, it will become a lot easier to tell the difference between the type of artists or EDM genres. All it takes is an open mind, patience, and a true unconditional love for music.

WARNING: EDM can become very hypnotizing and the bass dropping sound can be addictive to the ears. Hearing my decrease in the ears over time the more someone listens to it, but for music lovers it is worth it.

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