Electric Adventure Cancels 2016 Event

Electric Adventure Cancels 2016 Event

Atlantic City, NJ festival Electric Adventure was forced to cancel their 2016 event just weeks before its scheduled date. The event was supposed to take place on September 24-25, featuring artists such as marshmello, Excision, DVBBS, and more.

Electric Adventure gets its name from its original location of Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, though in the last few years it moved to Atlantic City. Last year’s festival took place on the beach near Albany Avenue, and this year it was slated to move down the beach to Arkansas Avenue. Unfortunately, the local businesses put up significant resistance to having Electric Adventure take place so close to them, and so Atlantic City’s mayor refused to support the festival in its new spot.

From the press release regarding the event cancellation:

Due to circumstances beyond their control, Area Event is announcing the cancellation of their flagship event, Electric Adventure, scheduled to take place in Atlantic City on September 24-25th. Refunds available at point of purchase.

Originally planned to take place at a new and improved location on The Steel Pier, Electric Adventure 2016 was set to be the defining installment of the series – more efficient, safer for patrons, and state-of-the-art production. However, after weeks of negotiations, the festival organizers were left with no choice in pulling the plug on the fifth-year anniversary of the highly-anticipated event due to opposition from a local business.

While I was not planning on attending Electric Adventure this year, I did attend last year’s event and had a great time despite some immense heat and a serious calf workout from walking back and forth across the sand all weekend. Many are understandably upset because while tickets will be refunded, travel and hotel reservations cannot be. Atlantic City may just see a few thousand ravers spread across its other venues as people take advantage of pre-booked flights and hotels to still enjoy their Atlantic City weekends.

Hopefully Electric Adventure can come back in 2017 with a vengeance, and get all their permits and permissions cleared far in advance.

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