Electric Daisy Carnival Changed My Life

Electric Daisy Carnival Changed My Life

Most of the things I’ve written mention Electric Daisy Carnival in one way or another. That says a lot considering the special place holds and will always hold in my heart.

Electric Daisy Carnival Changed My Life

Electric Daisy Carnival was my first. EDC New York was my first music festival EVER. At the time I had been to a few raves but never to an actual music festival, and I was itching to experience one.

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At that point in my life (I was 20 years old at the time) I’ve met and was still meeting so many people that were traveling, going on all these adventures and exploring so many new things. I remember wishing that was me, with all those opportunities to experience new exciting things I never had before. I proposed the idea of attending EDC New York to my best friend, who never turns down an adventure, and next thing you know we were purchasing our tickets. We live in New York, so it’s not like we were going on this crazy adventure away from home, but it was a start, and the beginning to a very unhealthy raving obsession to say the least.


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Electric Daisy CarnivalFast forward to EDC New York where I was quite literally in a different world. There was music, beats, and bass coming from every single direction. People dancing from one stage to the next as opposed to just walking, so many smiles and so much laughter. I remember being happy, ecstatic. It was my first time getting to watch one of my favorite DJ’s, Zedd, live, and I can’t remember a time where I let go and sung my heart out as much as I did during that set. I also got to experience David Guetta live for the first (and up until this day last) time. He hasn’t been showing up on many lineups lately so it was certainly a gift and an opportunity all in one. also, my first time watching Kaskade live ever! A lot of firsts, which made my first music festival even more special.

My Journey To EDC Las Vegas

One of my close friends was attending EDC Las Vegas a few weeks after that, and after falling madly in love at EDC New York, I made the biggest (probably not the smartest) impulse decision of my life and purchased a ticket and flight a few days after. It’s safe to say I had lost my damn mind.

EDC New York was a different world, but EDC Las Vegas was a totally different universe. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas you know it is HOT. And not humid and sweaty hot, but breathing in dry heat hot. Of course, I let that go very quickly because I was so excited I didn’t even have the words. (And there’s no way I spent all that money on impulse just to complain about the heat) Las Vegas was beautiful, and I was madly in love before even getting to experience the actual festival.

Electric Daisy Carnival

I saw Zedd again for the second time that summer, saw The Chainsmokers for the first time ever (more firsts), discovered a newly found love for Alison Wonderland, and got to watch Galantis at sunrise. Not to mention, if you’ve never seen and EDC fireworks show, you’re truly missing out. It was without a doubt one of the most magical weekends of my life. And of course, I had to return the following year (this year, 2017) with my best friends to share the experience with them.

Post-Rave Depression

My obsession is so extensive that a few weeks after being back from Las Vegas and suffering terrible withdrawals in the real world and at work, I suggested my friends and I attend EDC Orlando too. It started as a joke, but it only took 5 minutes to plant the idea in their heads. Guess where we’ll be in November? Hint hint, it’s under an electric sky.

I thank Electric Daisy Carnival, Insomniac, and all the amazing DJ’s I’ve gotten to watch at their amazing festivals for the experience of a lifetime that I will hold and cherish for the rest of my life. I could never forget it.

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