My Electric Forest Experience

My Electric Forest Experience

After deciding I was going to go to EDC Las Vegas this year, it seemed Electric Forest was out of the question. Weekend 1 was too close to when I’d be returning from Vegas, and Weekend 2 I had family commitments. When that fell through, my weekend opened up, and when I saw ModSun, my favorite (non EDM related) artist was added to the line up, it seemed like everything aligned in my favor and I spontaneously decided, what the heck, lets do back to back festivals. I am beyond words grateful for that decision, because to put it bluntly, Electric Forest changed me.

This was the longest festival I’ve ever gone to, and it makes perfect sense why it’s four days long. There’s SOOOO much to do and see that four days truly isn’t even nearly enough. Naturally the music is an extremely important part of attending a particular festival, but Electric Forest is so much more than ‘just’ the music. The vibe in its entirety is the most alluring part of this festival, to me.

It takes a little while to fully get into the forest, but once you do, you’re totally lost (in the best way.) The first day was overwhelming to me. It was a LOT to take in. I definitely wasn’t prepared for the sheer amazingness I experienced. But, I think that’s what I loved the most about it. I truly had no expectations and no hopes for what I ‘wanted it to be.’ And it was perfect just as it was.

The amount of lights, decorations, various themed stages, employees (or volunteers?) in costume, live art, vendors, etc. is what personally put Electric Forest over the top. I left with so many beautiful jewelry pieces and handmade clothing items I only wish I had more money to spend to support those amazing and talented artists and their work.

The weather was questionable, but truthfully I found that to be so much fun. So it’s raining a bit and a little muddy, so what?! We are literally in a FOREST. I thought it added character to the festival, and to those who chose to dance in the rain rather than hide from it.

The first day it took me about four hours to realize I hadn’t even gone to a single set, and I was totally okay with it. I used day one as a total exploration day and just wandered around following wherever the vibe took me. Beyond day one, there were a few must-see-dj’s whose sets without doubt blew me away, but the best part was avoiding that super conflicted-set overlapped-planning every minute of the day and simply roaming around until I stumbled upon a stage just by following the music that called out to me and I answered.

Every penny spent, every hour on the road (yes, even the hours in traffic) were all worth it. Electric Forest is hands down my favorite festival I’ve been to yet and I will 100% be returning next year. I entered the forest to escape and get lost and I came out finding myself in such a meaningful way.


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