Electric Laundry Empowers Women Through Creativity

Electric Laundry Empowers Women Through Creativity

Halloween is right around the corner and a whole new year of festivals await us in 2018!

No epic Halloween night or festival is complete without a killer wardrobe ensemble. One of the fastest growing festivals and costume clothing line with the guarantee you turn heads at your next event. Electric Laundry is the leader in show-stopping designs and creativity when it comes to their women’s apparel.

Electric Laundry was founded in June 2011 by five friends. Like many of creative individuals in the EDM community, the brand was inspired by the founders creating their own unique costumes for music festivals across the country. What began as a modest collaboration between friends, quickly grew by word of mouth, into the booming and expanding company it is today.

Electric Laundry is a company that thrives to empower women, during a time in our country where there is such strict scrutiny about a woman’s body. Their mission is to create outfits that make women feel beautiful and happy in their own skin. The company loves everything that the rave/EDM culture represents and want to give women a chance to really express themselves through our outfits, implementing their mission statement every single day. Not only does the company let the buyer express their creativity but the company gets to express its creativity as well.

The sole factor that sets Electric Laundry apart from any other festival clothing site is their customization feature. I pride myself on having a super unique costume for Halloween every single year, and every year I am met with slim pickings, even on the world wide web. But they can make anything your heart desires, literally anything, and do so in such a gorgeous well thought out design.

As the consumer, you are able to create a custom order on their website. First your provide basic information such as your size and measurements. You provide a theme or specific details about what you would include in your design. For example, the theme could be Khalessi from Game of Thrones and your specific details can include, turquoise blue Khalessi, Winter Khalessi, slave Khalessi, or whichever variation is your favorite. It could also be a totally obscure theme like Hellraiser or a character from Attack on Titan. The company also lets you further customize your order by letting you choose what style of tops and bottoms you would prefer for your outfit. If you are on a budget you can choose to only get a customized top or a bottom.

Electric Laundry also produces pre-designed costumes or outfits and have them listed in certain sizes on their website for a cheaper price than a fully customized ensemble. Because let’s face it, sometimes festival tickets are expensive enough on their own, without an insanely cute outfit to wear to the show. Even though these costumes weren’t your creative inception, they still offer the buyer a handcrafted, detailed, intuitive, creative design that truly lets the individual express themselves like never before.

In our country, there are unrealistic standards of beauty in media all across our country and in the world. Some of these unrealistic body images are affecting the young girls in our country in such a way that it is becoming a crisis in itself. Electric Laundry is a company that wants every woman to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, and that is a concept that we at Mix EDM support. Companies such as Electric Laundry can help women learn to love and accept their body and embrace their creativity and see both as something truly beautiful and radiant. With the help of Electric Laundry, any festival goer will feel simply beautiful inside and out, and that is a concept we at Mix 247 EDM support!

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