Electro-swing and Caravan Palace

Electro-swing and Caravan Palace

Put together some old timer’s 1920’s swing music and modern-day electro to create the result of group Caravan Palace. This electric-swing group from Paris gives a fresh and exciting sound to EDM music. Electro-swing combines vintage swing and jazz with various styles of EDM. It is not a commonly indulged music genre, but definitely one worth a listen.   

Caravan Palace officially formed in 2008. However, the group created some music before then. The group became popular on the internet from various demos and promos singles. These demos and singles were previously released from the years 2005 to 2007. In 2007 the group performed at their first festival. The Wagram Music record label signed the group in 2008.

The group uses a variety of instruments. These various instruments come together to create really smooth and catchy sounds. Seven members make up Caravan Palace. They include Zoe Colotis as main vocals, Arnaud Vial as guitar and vocals, and Hugues Payen as violin and vocals. Camille Chapeliere plays the clarinet and saxophone. Charles Delaporte plays the double bass and electronics. Antoine Toustou plays the electronics and trombone and Paul-Marie Barbier  plays the percussion and vibraphone.

The group released the albums Caravan Palace/Panic in 2008. In 2012 the band released the album Panic. Robot Face is the group’s latest album, released in 2015. Currently Caravan Palace tours around Europe. The group’s most popular song is “Lone Digger”.  This song is also is a music video on Youtube. The majority of the group’s music videos are very artsy with various themes. The artsy videos pair well with the electro-jazz sounds of the band. Caravan Palace can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or their website www.caravanpalace.com.

Other electro-swing artists and groups worth checking out are Parov Stelar, Goldfish, and The Correspondents. Electro-swing combines two sounds together and Caravan Palace does a swell job creating this type of music.

Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

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