Elektronik Generation Is The Ultimate New EDM TV Show

Elektronik Generation Is The Ultimate New EDM TV Show

Watch out, EDM lovers! Your dreams are just about to come true… because our favorite genre now has a television show that we can all fangirl about! We present to you, Elektronik Generation.

Elektronik Generation is a weekly online TV show created by producer and music director, ANDR3X, and astrologer and DJ, The Leo King aka. David Palmer, where they dive into how technology is rooted in our world and how it has all brought us together globally. The word, “Elektronik”, emphasizes various technology devices we consume every day, such as smartphones, social media, and for us, EDM music!

ANDR3X and The Leo King come together to make an aspiring and hilarious show that promotes the EDM aspects that live around us today. Elektronik Generation was inspired by a nightclub in Huntington Beach called Avec Nightclub, which is unfortunately permanently closed, where Andrew used to spin. Back in 2010, the weekly events they would put on were called “Elektronik” and were put on for about four years. Sometimes the best ideas come from the memorable nights you live at the club – I know I can personally say that!

ANDR3X says that this project is extremely special to him and David and they can’t wait to see where this TV show takes them.

This is a very special project that is not simple to describe but in short, we see this as a creative outlet that will further inspire and bring people together.

While discussing the elektroniks with Andrew, he says that the two of them have a lot planned when it comes to on-location live shoots at premiere venues and festivals. They also plan to get some guest artists in the studio, as well as icon and celebrity interviews. From what this show provides, this is going to be an exciting turn for the EDM community!

Elektronik Generation will premiere on Facebook LIVE through both ANDR3X and The Leo King‘s pages on Monday, February 12th 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer here and the teaser trailer down below!

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