Elements Festival Rumbles The Bronx

Elements Festival Rumbles The Bronx

Candy kids and shufflers are traveling across the country to invade the Bronx, NY for the annual Elements Festival presented by BangOn!

Typically held in secret locations throughout Brooklyn, the 2017 Elements Fest hit the birthplace of hip-hop with a forceful lineup of dance, trance and house talent. Griz, The Knocks and StèLouse are only a few of the acts headlining Saturday’s grand opening. With festivities kicking off at 1 p.m., the derelict location (New York Expo Center) featured an ultra violet portal, squiggly massage booths and sexy hoopers. Attendance for the event grew to more than 2,000 people by 4 p.m.“Coming to Elements is cool because people get to forget about everything that is happening in life and just enjoy

GIZ Elements 2017

“Coming to Elements is cool because people get to forget about everything that is happening in life and just enjoy good energy and really great music,” said Andy Batista, a 24-year-old NYU student.

Elements is themed after five essential components of life, much like the Japanese theory of swordsmanship. DJ’s are allotted to stages representing Earth, Air, Water, and Fire per the style of the performing artist. StèLouse and The Knocks rocked crowds at the Earth Stage, while Damian Lazarus chilled the Air Stage with a funky ambiance.

The Location

Overlooking the East Bay, attendees roaming the grounds found four stages of industrious craftsmanship with sweeping views of Manhattan and Riker’s Island. As a member of Element’s production team for the last three years, Nicole Sanchez spoke of the work done to make the location aesthetically pleasing.

elements 2017

“We have artists come in advance and create scenes that will drive the imagination of the people who attend the festival. Everything you see around you is someone’s expression of creativity,” said Nicole.

Day Two

Just hours after shutting the Bronx down, Elements gets under way today (Sunday) with a fresh new lineup set to finalize the event. Today’s à la carte menu offers attendees a chance to witness Flying Lotus, Zeds Dead and DJ Jazzy Jeff wheeling and dealing.

Whether you come alone, with a group of friends or your newly matched Tinder date does not matter as long as you don’t miss out on one of the summer’s greatest EDM events. Otherwise, you could read all about it on our next in-depth article of Elements and the people who made it happen.

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