Emazing Lights Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank

Emazing Lights Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank

The dance music community is being represented on ABC’s The Shark Tank and the Sharks are raving. Even describing him as described as “the best entrepreneur we have had here.”

Brian Lim who founded Emazing Lights and iHeartRaves back in 2010 after his girlfriend and now fiancée got him into the gloving trend. “Gloving” is a form of dancing which is typically showcased at raves or large festivals.

At the young age of 27 years old, Brian Lim has built a multi-million dollar business that’s been growing ever since. The glover and entrepreneur estimates the gloving scene alone has about 150,000 members internationally, based solely upon his orders and social media presence.

Make sure to tune into Shark Tank this Friday night at 8:00 PM EST on ABC.