Event Review: Ummet Ozcan At Webster Hall

Event Review: Ummet Ozcan At Webster Hall

My friends convinced me to come out after a two weeks of not going out.  Once they said Ummet Ozcan was playing, I could not turn it down.

Being that The Hum is one of my favorite songs, I was highly excited to see him mix at Webster hall. It was one of the most revitalizing moments I’ve experienced at Webster Hall. Nothing could prepare me for the level of energy and hype of his set. I was going to lose it! Time to throw down on #ThanksgivingWeekend.

Ummet Ozcan at Webster Hall


At The Rail of Ummet Ozcan at Webster. Shot by nickydigital.com

My friends and I managed to get to the front. In raving, there is always an abundance of energy. From the people to the opening DJS. All in which make the perfect component of an eventful night.

As soon as Ummet Ozcan came on, it was evident the night was going to be memorable. It was something I was looking forward to for a really long time. It was something I really needed after a dormant week.

His music took me to another place. I felt a special connection with his music.  It showed a lot about Ummet Ozcans uniqueness. I enjoyed how he incorporated Electro House, progressive house & tech trance. And, how threw in a little bit of trap dubstep for the bass-heads.

But most of all, the most eventful part was when he mixed Arcade, by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike featuring W&W .


I was impressed with the amount of thought he put into his set. It was a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend. What made it better was being around friends you’re extremely thankful for.

Ummet Ozcan KILLED IT Friday night at Webster Hall. With amazing background stimulation, the crowd was so lively and radiating with love.

His chemistry with the crowd was intoxicating. That’s when I discovered my love for Electro House.

Meeting Ummet Ozcan


While my friend and I stepped out of Webster, we sat on the stairs. Unexpectedly.  we both noticed Ummet Ozcan leaving with his friends. My friend and I approached and expressed how amazing his set was. It was an amazing experience meeting him. He was the sweetest!

I couldn’t be happier seeing Ummet Ozcan at Webster. I’m ecstatic that I was apart of something that bought me complete happiness during a tough time. He is a must see!

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